Mum of David Fuller's youngest victim breaks down as she confronts Morgue Monster telling him 'you raped my baby'

THE heartbroken mum of morgue monster David Fuller's youngest victim broke down in court as she confronted the twisted double murderer. 

Sick necrophiliac Fuller sexually assaulted more than 100 women and young girls while working in hospital mortuaries. 

Electrican Fuller, 67, beat and strangled Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, to death before sexually assaulting them in two separate attacks in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in 1987.

Known as the ‘Bedsit Killer’, Fuller went on to defile and abuse hundreds of bodies while working at NHS hospitals in Kent and Tunbridge Wells. 

Fuller initially pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Ms Knell and Ms Pierce by diminished responsibility, but days into his trial he admitted murdering the two women. 

He also pleaded guilty to 51 other offences, including 44 charges relating to 78 identified victims, including three children aged 9 and two aged 16. 

They include the sexual penetration of a corpse, possessing an extreme pornographic image involving sexual interference with a corpse and taking indecent images of children.

Justice Cheema-Grubb QC is today expected to hand him a whole life sentence for his horrific crimes. 

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Wearing a grey prison-issue tracksuit, Fuller sat with his head bowed as relatives' victim impact statements were read.

His youngest victim was aged just nine, with her brave mother standing up to face the sick predator in court. 

She cried as she addressed the court, with the double murderer quickly glancing up at her before dropping his head. 

In a statement she said: “David I can’t believe I have put these words to paper but I have to because of what you did in the mortuary.

“I have not much to say that I can tell you. What I can say is my beautiful daughter was the kindest person I ever met and never met anyone else.

“In her short 9 years she laughed and was happy and grateful in life. Nothing you have done can never change that.

“My daughter died from a complication of the common cold. My life has been an existence and my sole purpose is to look after my son.

“I need you to understand the pain this has caused me and my family. Out of the blue the police knocked on my door to tell me what had happened to her. 

“She was my baby and couldn’t say no to a dirty old man who abused her body, but she would have.

“I was always vigilant about telling her about sexual abuse and she knew that there was disgusting people in the world and rape.

“It was rape and so digusting it would never appear in anyone’s imagination.

She was my baby and couldn’t say no to a dirty old man who abused her body, but she would have.

"Every day I would go to that mortuary and real human beings and staff members helped me dress her and I would kiss her for weeks.

“But now that special time is ruined because that disgusting man there did what he did. He would move her toys and blankets and have sex with my baby. 

“I can’t even touch them now because of what he did. It breaks my heart. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I feel sick. I think of her birthmark she hated but I loved.

“Her long blonde hair I brushed. But now I see that awful man touching her in that way.

“I don’t know how I will carry on with my life now. Most of all my pain and guilt because I left her there in that hospital that was supposed to be a safe place.

“And I can’t comfort and tell her ‘I’m sorry baby, I know what he’s done’. How will I make it up to her? How will I stand by her now? And how can I look after her body disrespected by him.

“Now I will go home and see the abuse done to my baby. I’m sorry you all have to go through such a horrible experience hearing about it.

"I will go home tonight, like every night, and see the abuse that man has done to my baby. That man has taken everything from me."

The father of an 18-year-old victim said: "The only bit of comfort we held on to was how peaceful she looked when we said our goodbyes.

"This was destroyed when we got a knock on the door by the police to say she had been violated by a man my wife had grown up in fear of.

"Fuller has taken our little girl's innocence and destroyed our souls. I am consumed with anger."

Horrified family members of his victims told the court they felt Fuller's “toxic” presence lingered over them and their loved ones, as well as suffering “immense pain” before being “consumed” with anger. 

The widower of another woman told him: "David, when you are serving your time behind bars, think carefully about what you have done and thank your lucky stars that I'm not sharing a cell with you."

Others said that he captured the “heinous abuse” on camera to catalogue it “like a trophy”, adding that these crimes were “much worse” than their loved one’s initial death. 

They added: “I feel such agonising pain at the thought of what happened.

"I desperately didn’t want her to go to the mortuary as it was cold and clinical, but I was told she would be safe.

“Now I have to live with the knowledge that she was violated by this manipulative, despicable man.

“I am angry, resentful, unable to relax. You have proved that monsters exist. You were cocky, arrogant and despicable. You are the worst of humanity."

Another victim's family added: “It is incomprehensible someone would do something so horrific.

“It makes me feel physically sick and I will never mention that man’s name.”

Another one of his victims was Azra Kemal, 24, who was raped by him after falling to her death in Kent.

He assaulted her dead body three times, and even researched her death online – reading tributes from her family and friends.


Fuller filmed himself carrying out the attacks inside the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and the Tunbridge Wells Hospital, in Pembury, where he worked in electrical maintenance roles since 1989.

Investigators have so far at least 102 potential victims but admitted all their identities may never be known.

It is also feared that the twisted necrophiliac raped countless more corpses, with a police helpline recieving at least 200 calls from people who felt that they had relatives who may have been defiled by Fuller. 

Fuller had stored more than four million indecent images of children mostly downloaded from the internet. 

The court heard that he had even taken pictures of a mortuary logbook to create his own horrific record of those he defiled.

Chilling footage also showed Fuller filming himself abusing dozens of women and girls in mortuaries, sometimes editing images to erase scars from the bodies.

The court heard he then used mortuary records to log their details in his own notebooks, and even looked up some of his victims on Facebook.

So far only 82 of his victims have been identified from the horrific footage.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC told the court that  the case “demonstrates a bizarre and deeply-held interest in rape, murder and abuse of dead women."

Fuller was still working for the NHS trust when arrested and had had access to all areas in both hospitals via a swipeable identity card.

Prosecutors say the case is "unprecedented in legal history" and "the stuff of nightmares".

The Government announced an independent inquiry into how Fuller went undetected and promised to look at the maximum sentence for necrophilia, which is currently two years in jail.

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