Morning after pill and chlamydia tests in increased demand in lead up to Xmas

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Morning-after pills and chlamydia tests are in increased demand as frisky Brits get careless in the bedroom in the run-up to Christmas.

New data from LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor shows there was a huge spike in demand for people searching for emergency contraception.

Searches for 'morning-after pill near me' has risen 111% in the last week.

STI-related searches also saw a surge, with a 107% increase in demand for ‘chlamydia test’ and a 108% increase for ‘STI kit’ in the same timeframe.

The contraceptive specialists say that the Levonorgestrel pill should be taken within 3 days or ellaOne pill should be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

However, STI-panicked Brits are reminded that barrier contraceptives like condoms prevent the spread of infections.

Anyone with symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection should attend their local sexual health clinic or GP for testing.

However, not all infections have symptoms so it is best to check after unprotected sex with a new partner even if you can't see anything wrong down there.

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Earlier this year, Brits were warned to get tested as experts fear the lifting of social distancing measures will see a huge increase in sexually-transmitted diseases.

"Super gonorrhoea" – a worryingly anti-biotic resistant STI – has become increasingly common in the last few years and infection rates have noticeably increased with the lifting of restrictions between each Coronavirus lockdown.

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Experts are now warning the public to get tested before they have a cheeky Freedom Day hook-up – as they may be unknowingly infecting more people with the disease.

According to the latest data, 'STI Tests' searches increased by 1000% in the last 12 months, suggesting a worrying number of people were not practising safe sex as we re-emerged from lockdown.

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