Missing men ‘chopped in half’ by killer who dumped four bodies in river to rot

The bodies of four men have been found severed in half in a river after their killer or killers dumped them there to rot.

Alex Stevens, 29, Mark Chastain, 32, Billy Chastain, 30 and Mike Sparks, 32, all from Oklahoma, went for a bike ride together on October 9, but failed to return home that evening and were reported missing.

Their bodies were found on the surface of Deep Fork River, Oklahoma, five days after they first disappeared.

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Okmulgee police told one of the victim's mothers that the killer or killers had "chopped off one of their arms."

"My son and his friends were first shot multiple times, chopped in half at their waist and then thrown into the Deep Fork River to rot away," Teresa Stevens, mother of Alex Stevens, told the Daily Mail.

“It’s something you read about on the news, about what they did to my son and his friends.

“To chop a body in half is what the drug cartels do to the dead. Whoever did this clearly wanted to send a message.

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Stevens, who was the one to report her son missing on October 9, believes that there was more than one person involved in the killing of her son and his friends, as the brutal nature of the murders seemed too much for one person to pull off.

“For one person to kill four grown men, chop their bodies up, and dump them in a river…I just can’t see one person doing all of that,” she added.

“Whoever did this had to have help.”

When the men went missing only two of them had mobile phones with them.

Both went straight to voicemail following their departure.

Police have named one person of interest so far – convicted felon Joe Kennedy.

He was singled out after detectives found evidence of a “violent event” at Kennedy's scrapyard near the site where the bodies were found.

One of the victims’ phones was last located in the yard before losing its battery, police said.

Stevens said neither she nor her son knew Kennedy personally, but added that she isn’t surprised he is a potential suspect in the case.

She said: "I’ve heard about him around town and from what I’ve heard he’s a person of questionable character."

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Police believe the four murdered men were on their way to commit a crime when they met their end – although the nature of the crime hasn't been determined.

Stevens added: "Even if they were up there at the salvage yard up to no good or drugs were involved, no one deserved to die."


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