Miss England ‘shell of a person’ after sick stalker sent her death threats

A beauty Queen says a relentless stalking campaign left her “a shell of a person” after she was targeted with sex pictures and her boyfriend was threatened with death.

Brave Stephanie Hill, who was crowned Miss England in 2017, had to deal with creepy messages from Dhawal Chaudhary who spoke about them having grandchildren.

The 27-year-old model was often tagged in posts by fake Instagram accounts after Chaudhary first contacted her in October 2020.

Chaudhary, who is also 27, made a group chat with Stephanie and her boyfriend Daniel Harper.

He made false claims that Stephanie was a sex worker even made her a Spotify playlist.

The stalker told her he would move from India to live with her before he was arrested by cops at Heathrow Airport in July last year and sent to Derby Crown Court for prosecution.

He admitted the offence of stalking involving serious alarm or distress and putting a person in fear of violence before he was given a hospital order, an unlimited restraining order and a restriction order.

Traumatised Stephanie said: "I wouldn't want anyone to live like I have over the last nine months, I've been worn away into a shell of a person.

"I find no joy in doing anything as I feel I have to watch my every movement.

"I was a strong and confident person before but I've never had anyone treat me like this."

She said she reckoned Chaudhary’s obsession started as early as 2018 when she went to India to work on her social media channels and admitted she tried to change her name and pretend she had left her job in an effort to throw him off.

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Prosecutor Sarah Slater claimed the stalking “was relentless and took all the joy out of (Stephanie’s) job and helping people.”

Whilst Judge Shaun Smith slammed Chaudhary as a “danger to the public” with suspected illness including erotomania or schizophrenia.

The Home Office is now considering an appeal from a friend for him to be deported to India for treatment.

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