Miracle baby boy born with no face defies doctors and makes it to 2nd birthday

A 'miracle' baby in Portugal who was dubbed the 'bebe sem rostro', which translates to ‘baby with no face', has celebrated his second birthday after only being given hours to live.

Rodrigo was born without a nose, eyes or part of his skull and doctors at the time believed the baby would not live long.

His family celebrated as he turned two on Thursday, following his birth in the Portuguese city of Setubal on October 7 in 2019.

Speaking previously to the Portugal Resident, his mother Marlene Simao has spoken of how well Rodrigo is doing despite his medical issues.

She said “He’s a baby like every other baby” and Rodrigo is also able to smile at his parents.

Marlene says Rodrigo can now distinguish who people are and is able to laugh.

The case made international headlines at the time because obstetrician Dr Artur Carvalho, of the private clinic Ecosado, had failed to detect any problem with the unborn baby during pregnancy.

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It was only during a 5D ultrasound scan at another clinic that Marlene and his father David Ribeiro, were warned of possible malformations.

A criminal case was opened after it was found that Dr Carvalho was the subject of over a dozen complaints under investigation by the Order of Physicians.

In another five cases, he had allegedly also failed to detect malformations in unborn babies during the pregnancies.

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Dr Carvalho was at first preventively suspended for six months and then expelled from the Order of Physicians in April last year, with the obstetrician subsequently appealing the decision.

However, he ended up retiring on July 1 this year, and the case was shelved by the Public Prosecution Service, which said there was no evidence he had committed a crime.

Rodrigo is being monitored at hospitals in Setubal and the capital, Lisbon, where he underwent a crucial operation last year to allow for his skull to develop.

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