Meghan ‘degraded’ Harry as Sussexes’ public appearance slammed a ‘mess’ – expert

Meghan Markle "degraded" Prince Harry during a public appearance they made together, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex was on hand to present the Duke and his team, Los Padres, with a trophy after they won an event at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on Sunday (May 22) in California.

During the prize-giving ceremony, the former actress was seen kissing her husband on the lips and then wiping away something from his lip – presumably lipstick.

But royal commentator Angela Levin criticised the moment, branding the move "a mess".

She tweeted: "Why did M wipe Harry's face when it's prize giving time? How embarrassing for him.

"Can't get over it. What sort of woman would wipe their husband's face during a public outing when crowds were looking? Wouldn't a quick whisper do to let him do it himself. Soooo degrading.

"If Netflix had been filming at Meghan and Harry's polo awards ceremony it would have left any audience laughing hysterically. What a mess."

Twitter users were quick to comment their opinions on the incident, with one writing: "Just to let us all know that she is in complete control of him and everything."

A second said: "I didn't see the video, I would have puked. My husband would have literally been so upset, it’s humiliation… a real MAN should be able to wipe his own brow and anything else HIMSELF!!!!"

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A third theorised that Meghan acted in this way to show that the couple are still close, when that might not be the case.

They quipped: "She's copying scenes from movies, trying to show how close they are, weird because umm, we know they are married. Looks like she's trying to make a point they are still close, which has me thinking perhaps they're not. Or she's showing PDA, 'see, Royal family, we do it our way'."

The Daily Star has approached the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for comment.

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