Maps show areas at risk of ‘snowbomb’ – with snow set to fall on Christmas Day

Brits' hopes for a White Christmas may be under threat, but the latest snow maps have revealed the areas at risk of the looming 'snowbomb' set to make its way to the UK.

The forecast also shows there could be a huge dumping of the white stuff on Christmas Day itself.

It comes after the Met Office couldn't rule out that flurries may fall on December 25 in a recent prediction.

Maps by WXCharts show that on Christmas Day morning, west of Newcastle at the top of England as well as south of Edinburgh could see snowfall from 6am.

Although it may be a light dusting, heavier snow is predicted later on the evening for more Brits.

A mere 12 hours later and the maps' snow levels darken, with Manchester, Newcastle, Sunderland, and north of England at risk of more snow.

Inverness in Scotland and spots in northern Ireland may also see the white stuff from 6pm on the festive day itself.

Between one and three cm of snow could fall per hour, according to the charts.

The weather front appears to be moving southwards for Boxing Day with Birmingham, the midlands, and northern Wales at risk of snow on December 26.

However, December 27 – when the expected 'snowbomb' is set to hit – a large area in the midlands up through until Manchester has been warned between 5-10cm of snow per hour could be on the horizon.

Another heavy set of snow is forecast for December 30 for Scotland, including Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Inverness, as well as those on the eastern coast of northern England.

It comes after the Met Office has now said snow may be possible for some parts of the UK on December 25, while much of the country is likely to see icy cold but bright conditions.

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Meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said: “We could see some snow showers over the hills in northern parts of the UK – it’s probably the most likely place to see any snow.

“You couldn’t rule out some sleety snow further south than that, but there’s a really big question mark on it.”

Temperatures are expected to plunge down to -1C for most Brits on Christmas morning, with Scots freezing in -5C in parts.

A Met Office spokesman said: "In general, cloud amounts will tend to reduce with time, with a corresponding increase in the risk of overnight fog and frost, which may be slow to clear by day in some areas.

"Towards the middle of the period, there is an increasing chance of more unsettled and windier weather affecting the UK, with rain, and perhaps snow, possible for some places.

"Temperatures will generally be near to below normal, perhaps rather cold in the south, feeling chilly where any fog persists, and locally mild in the north and northwest."

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