Man who shoved penis in plastic bottle for two months suffers horrific injuries

A man's penis has been left with a "gross appearance" after he repeatedly shoved it into a plastic bottle but left it two months before going to hospital.

Medical experts published a new case study in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, called Penis Strangulation with a plastic bottleneck.

The report’s lead author is Durga Neupane from the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal who said patients with mental health issues or those looking for a thrill will more than likely be the ones trying out penile strangulation.

In the report, he writes: "Strangulation of the penis, a surgical emergency, is often encountered in patients with psychiatric disorders and patients attempting to increase sexual arousal.

"Materials ranging from metallic to non-metallic like plastic bottles are used by the patients. The important factors to be considered for the successful treatment include the availability of instruments and the surgical skills of the doctor."

He goes on to say: "In this case, a 45-year-old man with comorbidity of severe depression presented to emergency with a two-month-long history of penile strangulation with a plastic bottleneck.

"The gross appearance of the penis showed oedema and proliferative growths. He was intervened with a cable wire cutter as standard instrument failed to do so."

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He went on: "The patient was discharged on the same day of the intervention. However, he was lost to subsequent follow-up."

This sort of case can have "devastating complications", he said.

In the report, the authors write: "No specific methods and tools have been recommended for the removal of those objects. The shame felt by the patient is the root cause for late surgical consultation and are prone to develop complications.

"Simple instruments can be used for the intervention provided good surgical skills are demonstrated."

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