Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B broke ribs in 'guards fight after covering cell with yogurt and blocking toilet'

THE Madeleine McCann prime suspect broke his ribs during a "cell fight" with guards after covering his cell with yogurt and blocking the toilet, it is claimed.

Convicted rapist and paedophile Christian B, 43, was treated for two broken ribs yesterday, claiming he was assaulted as he waited for a parole hearing.

Prison officers removed Christian B from his cell in Kiel, Germany, and he was driven 300km to Braunschweig.

About 40 minutes after arriving in Braunschweig and being put in a cell ahead of a hearing related to his prison sentence for drug trafficking, an ambulance arrived at the scene.

A source at the court building said Brueckner had ''thrown a tantrum'' in his cell and smeared it with yoghurt and blocked the toilet with loo roll.

They added:''He got angry at being filmed and complained. He reacted angrily and when he refused to put the shackles on there was a more violent tussle and he hurt himself.''


Speaking to The Sun, his lawyer Friedrich Fulscher said:''The guards were filming my client via a TV monitor which was in his cell. I asked them to stop and to delete the footage.

''They refused and an argument started. This carried on and they attacked my client with a baton after he refused to put the prison shackles on. He suffered serious injuries, two broken ribs.

''It was behaviour not expected from guards. I had to get a judge involved to ensure the footage was deleted.

"Yes, he did dirty his cell but he was understably angry at being filmed.''


A judicial officer told two paramedics that there had been "rioting" in the cell, Bild reported.

Legal sources told the newspaper that Christian B had "vehemently resisted putting on the shackles" and a fight broke out between the suspect and the prison guards.

Christian B's lawyer Friedrich Fülscher has now filed a criminal complaint for assault against the prison officers who guarded the cell, Bild reports.

Witnesses described hearing Fülscher shout across the court: "Such behaviour is unworthy of law enforcement officers."

Police were said to have been called to the court to deal with the incident.

Pictures emerged showing Christian B being put into an ambulance while wearing shackles before being taken to a local hospital.

After receiving treatment for an hour, Christian B returned to court for the hearing.

The court insisted he had ''fallen over'' during the "dispute".

A spokesperson said: ''The exact sequence of events is now the subject of investigation.

"Against this background, we cannot comment on the details.''

Christian B was identified by German police as the man responsible for Madeleine's abduction and murder in May 2007.

He is currently serving 21 months for drug offences but he is eligible for parole on January 6 after serving two thirds of his sentence.

Wearing a white mask he was driven into the back of the court building flanked by two police officers before being escorted into the building for the hearing.

A source at the court said: ''The hearing was to decide on whether he can have parole for the drugs case.

''Technically he can be freed in early January as he has served his time but the prosecution is opposing it because of the outstanding Madeleine McCann investigation.''

Madeleine, three, was taken from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on Portugal's Algarve coast in May 2007.

This year investigators in Germany claimed they had solved the world's most famous missing person's mystery.

They say they have "concrete evidence" she is dead and believe Christian B abducted and murdered her.

He was known to spend time in the area around the resort and was arrested on other matters.

Last December, the suspect was also sentenced to seven years in jail for raping a 72-year-old American woman near Praia da Luz two years before Maddie vanished.

He took his case to the European Court of Justice earlier this year but it was thrown out .

He is expected to serve the full term although his lawyers are appealing the verdict.

It means he will not be released even if he wins parole in the drugs case.

Last week we revealed German investigators vowed to "fight tooth and nail" to convict Christian B for Madeleine's murder.

It came after Portuguese cops rubbished their investigation and claimed they have no real evidence.


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