Lorry blown over by wind and CRUSHES police car in 100mph gales as cool copper says 'I only polished it yesterday'

THIS is the shocking moment a lorry crushes a police car during 100mph winds, with the calm officer joking: “I only polished it yesterday.”

Dramatic footage shows the HGV swaying before falling on the cop car after it had arrived at the scene to deal with another toppled lorry.

The first vehicle ended up on its side on the A1 between Haddington and Dunbar near Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.

But just moments after the officer arrived, a second lorry also started to sway and came crashing down on top of his patrol vehicle.

Chief Supt Stewart Carle Tweeted: “Sgt Eason was as cool as a cucumber – he called on the radio – we need to close the A1 now.

“A lorry has just landed on my patrol car. And I just polished it yesterday.”


Mr Carle also uploaded a picture of the aftermath of the shocking double incident.

It showed the two vehicles lying on their side, with the crushed patrol car wedged in underneath one.

He wrote: "Relieved that one of my Road Patrol Sergeants was not seriously injured earlier today on A1 carrying out scene protection after RTCs.

"Another HGV passing his static location was blown over onto the patrol car! #JobLikeNoOther."

It comes after a huge crane collapsed on a building as Britain was battered by monster gales – and SNOW is on the way.

A lorry has just landed on my patrol car. And I just polished it yesterday

The crane appeared to "snap in half" as it crashed at the building site in Kingston, West London, at around 4.30pm on Tuesday.

The Met Police confirmed residents close to the development were evacuated "as a precaution".

The strong winds tore through the nation after overnight temperatures dropped to a bone-chilling -4C.

It was followed by a staggering 2.2in (56mm) of rain which fell in just six hours, between 7am and 3pm.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said more wet and windy weather was on the way.


He added: "We've still got this band of rain coming through.

"It will clear towards the English Channel but is being followed by scattered showers.

"Temperatures overnight will fall to freezing once again and will remain in single figures throughout today.

"The highest we'll see is 9C, but factoring in the wind chill factor it will feel a lot colder.

"The air will be cold enough to see some sleet and snow across higher ground in the Pennines."

The Met Office issued four weather warnings across most of northern England and Scotland as the UK braces itself for a battering before Thursday's election.

Up to 100mm of rain is also set to fall across parts of the Northern England in just nine hours – two thirds the monthly average – with the bad weather causing travel chaos.

Met Office meteorologist Mark Wilson told Sun Online: "It is going to be pretty windy.

"We would advise people to take care and be aware of windy conditions. There will be some disruption to transport."

Rain is also expected to drench voters heading to the polls for Thursday's general election.

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