Long-range forecast: -10C FREEZE to dump 18 inches of snow as Scandinavian system moves in

BBC Weather: Carol Kirwood warns of ice and further snow

Graphs from weather forecasters are also stating the possibility of temperatures dropping to -10C (14F) later this month in long-range forecasts. A colossal Scandinavian weather system is expected to pass through the North Sea later this month and could cause the mercury to plummet in the UK. Due to the cold air which could cross the nation, weather forecaster, WX Charts has predicted close to 20″ (50cm) of snow on January 22.

While the worst of this weather will be seen in the north of Scotland, the north of England will also see close to 10″ (25cm) of snow.

Although the snow may be directly focused in the north, temperatures across the entirety of the UK will plummet to sub-zero conditions.

On January 22, the forecasters have stated parts of the South of England, Wales, and the Midlands will see the mercury range from 2C to -5C (35.6F to 23F).

With heavy snowfall expected, temperatures could fall to as low as -10C (14F) in Scotland and large areas of the north.

While it is uncertain if this Scandinavian blast will strike the UK, the Met Office has indicated if the weather combines with air over Britain, this could lead to unsettled conditions – namely snow and ice.

Forecasting the weather between Jan 20 and February 3, the Met Office said: “There is still a chance of cold air outbreaks in the north as flow across Scandinavia pushes across the North Sea.

“This would confine more unsettled conditions to the south, with the potential for milder than average temperatures.

“Further, this boundary between the cold and milder conditions could also allow for some significant snowfall where the two air masses meet.”

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Following the turn of the year, the UK was blanketed with snow.

Many areas in the North and Midlands saw ice and snowfall towards the end of the year and may see them again.

Forecasters have revealed a Stratospheric Warming is occurring in the North Pole.

Although not certain, some are predicting a second ‘Beast from the East’ as to what was seen in 2018.


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Over the next few days, the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for most of the UK.

The weather warnings are in place for both Thursday and Friday due to a band of cold weather hitting the UK.

Sky weather producer, Joanna Robinson, claimed the UK may well be set for a prolonged cold spell following this weekend.

She added: “A Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event has taken place and there are signs of another later in the month.

“The impact on the UK is uncertain, but more often than not it leads to a cold spell in the days or weeks ahead.

“If the stratospheric polar vortex breaks down completely, this can trigger a change from westerly to easterly winds at lower levels too.

“On average, the likelihood of a cold-weather event across the UK following a (SSW) event is about 70 percent.

“In the meantime, it will remain cold through the rest of this week, with some significant snow possible on Thursday and Friday as a weakening feature moves south.

“Through the weekend, temperatures are likely to pick up and it looks milder and more unsettled next week.”

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