Locals ‘can’t stop’ huge rats that ‘look like cats’ from destroying their town

Locals in a quaint seaside town have complained that their "super rat" problem continues to worsen as their homes are overrun by massive rats that "look like cats".

The infestation in Tenby, South Wales, is sparking fears of cliff erosion, as well as scaring the living daylights out of locals and tourists alike.

The Sun reported that the "super rats" have burrowed into a hill overlooking Tenby's famous harbour, with the problem reportedly worsening in recent weeks.

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Local boatman Roger Miles said parts of the hill and surrounding cliffs have become visibly eroded, adding that the rodents are “as big as cats sometimes”.

“You just can’t kill them quicker than they can breed," a second frightened local told the publication.

“Once they’re here, they’re here to stay. Besides, they’re intelligent animals so they’ll soon work out the bait is no good for them.

“We’re living in terror of the bloody things.”

Resident Derek Brown added that he was concerned by the "structural damage" the rats might be doing to the cliff.

Local poet Clive Dobbin's issue was closer to home, after a rat he spotted in his lounge "dashed suddenly and hit my leg."

Fisherman Michael Lewis said Tenby has actually suffered with the "super rat" problem for years, but the issue gained notoriety after being shared on social media.

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"Rats are a nuisance but now people are aware of them, some are scared stiff and others think they're cute and cuddly,” he said.

"Truth is they breed like mad and they are unhygienic if they get into houses and the garbage from the restaurants and cafes.

"But you know how the saying goes – you're never far away from a rat, and Tenby is no exception."

Pembrokeshire Council said they are "aware of the issue" and that they recognise the need for additional baiting points.

"We will be accessing the cliff face and starting a baiting programme imminently, using specialist staff," a statement continued.

The statement added that the likely cause of the issue is that people provide food sources "that may attract vermin to this area".

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