Jet2 customer fuming as airline finally responds to complaint – four years later

A woman has been left fuming after Jet2 responded to her complaint four years later, and blamed the delay on a ‘high volume of messages’.

The woman, named only as Megan, had messaged the budget airline back in 2017 when she and two friends checked into their flight and none of them were allowed to sit together.

When she finally got a reply, years later, Megan posted the screenshot of the chat on Twitter and joked about their “great customer service”.

The Tweet quickly went viral, as people joked to “expect an answer on 2024”.

In a message, sent on June 8 2017, Megan wrote: "Hi, just a bit annoyed as me and two girlfriends have just checked in online for a holiday to Kavos and not one of us is sat next to another.

"I appreciate it is difficult to put everyone together in big groups but surely a group of three could be seated together?"

According to the Sun, Jet 2 responded this month saying: "Hi Megan,

"I'm extremely sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

"We have been experiencing extremely high volumes of messages so it's taken us a little longer than normal to respond.

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"Do you still require assistance?"

Perplexed Megan replied: "No. I messaged in 2017."

Jet2's Twitter account responded to her tweet, writing: "Hi Megan, we're really sorry for this error where we replied to the wrong message, please accept our apologies. Thank you, ^Lee."

Amazed Twitter users rushed to share their thoughts on the interaction.

Stuart Dillon said: "If they are that busy that it takes over four years to reply maybe they are not the airline to fly with."

Another Twitter user added: "So I messaged this afternoon, expect an answer on 2024 then?"

A Jet2 spokesperson said: "We are recognised and renowned for our industry-leading customer service.

"In that spirit, one of our colleagues accidentally replied to a much earlier message from the customer, rather than one she had sent to us this week.

"We are very pleased to see that the customer is travelling with us soon, and we will of course answer any queries she has!"

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