Ice cream parlour worker floors robber as he tries to hold up cashier

N-ice work! Moment ice cream parlour worker floors armed robber with a CHAIR as he tries to hold up cashier in Brazil

  • The scuffle took place in Brusque city, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina
  • Worker battered a knife-wielding robber into submission using a chair 
  • Within moments, four people were on top of the subdued ice cream shop robber 

This is the moment a brave ice cream parlour worker battered an armed robber with a chair before tackling him to the floor.

The attempted robbery was filmed in the neighbourhood of Santa Rita in the city of Brusque in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina on Sunday, 26 December.

According to the news site G1, the suspect entered the ice cream parlour with a knife and attempted to rob the till.

An ice cream parlour employee floors an armed robber with a chair in Brusque in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina

However, brave workers tackled the raider and restrained him until police arrived.

A police spokesman said: ‘It was necessary to restrain the people, as they wanted to lynch the suspect, and he was already quite injured before the officers arrived.’

Police chief Egidio Ferrari said no employees were harmed in the incident, and they would not be investigated for injuring the suspect because they acted in ‘a situation of self-defence’.

The police added: ‘With the situation under control, officers checked the establishment’s CCTV footage and confirmed everything that happened.’

The ice cream parlour employees turn the tables on the armed robber, overpowering him

The CCTV footage shows the suspect, wearing a motorbike helmet, confronting the cashier.

One of his colleagues gets up and slowly walks up behind the man and picks up a chair.

The worker repeatedly hits the suspect with the chair before another colleague wades in to help restrain the thrashing thief.

The first worker wrestles him to the floor before other colleagues arrive to help out.

The two ice cream parlour employees left the attempted robber needing hospital treatment – but police say they will not investigate the beating, as it was a case of self-defence

The shop manager said it was the first attempted robbery they had suffered since opening four years ago, adding: ‘At the time, it was very scary. Afterwards, we discussed the consequences of what could have happened.’

After receiving medical care on Sunday, the suspect was discharged from hospital the next day and was taken to prison.

The investigation is ongoing.

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