Hundreds of people named Josh hold fight in field in bid to crown ultimate Josh

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Hundreds of people called Josh met up in a field to fight it out to be crowned the ultimate Josh.

The namesakes headed to the US state of Nebraska after college student Josh Swain sent a message to a group of other men with the same first and last name last April challenging them to a fight for the right to keep it.

The message went viral and over the past year people have continued to remind men named Josh about the Josh Fight in a bid to turn it into reality.

Videos posted online on Saturday show total mayhem as grown men and boys named Josh showed up to hit each other with pool noodles.

The winner of the battle royale was a five-year-old referred to as 'Little Josh,' and he celebrated his victory with a Burger King Crown while he was lifted up by an adult to thunderous cheers.

Josh Swain set up the event for April 24, 2021 at 12pm local time, given the coordinates to people included in the message.

The student said the message was a joke made "under a spell of pandemic boredom" but it turned into reality.

Though only two people called Josh Swain turned up, most of those who attended were called Josh.

The GPS coordinates in the message pointed to a location outside Nebraska's state capital Lincoln, and they were later registered as the 'Josh Fight' when searched on

Over the last people, people online have continued to remind people named Josh about the Josh Fight.

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It hit a snag when the person who owned the private property which the coordinates pointed to said they did not want any part of it.

Josh Swain, who goes to university in Arizona, confirmed the details of the event on Reddit and said it would be held at Air Park Green Area.

He wrote: "Almost one year ago, under a spell of pandemic boredom, I made a group chat of all the people on Facebook that I could find with the same first and last name as mine.

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"This was a complete joke, and I have posted jokes to my twitter before, but when I posted the screenshots to my Twitter here, the internet ran with it, and ran with enough endurance for you all to remember a YEAR later.

"That doesn't happen very often, so I'm afraid I have to oblige the internet and trek all the way across the contagious United States to defend my name."

Mr Swain said that he had picked the original coordinates "at random".

He asked for people who planned on showing up to bring canned goods for the Food Bank of Lincoln, while providing a link to an online fundraiser for the Children's Hospital & Medical Center Foundation – which he cheekily named 'help pay legal fees for Josh Swain's to change their name fund'.

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