How many migrants become foot soldiers for gangs? RICHARD TICE asks

How many become foot soldiers for crime gang bosses here? RICHARD TICE asks, as shock figures reveal around 40 per cent of migrants arriving by boat to the UK are from war-free Albania

Nobody likes being taken for a fool – but that is the way voters have been treated over migrant crossings.

It is bad enough that Home Secretary Priti Patel has been unable to stop ever larger groups of individuals coming to the UK by this perilous and illegal route. Worse, we now know that we have been duped.

All this time, an army of well-intentioned but misguided Left-wing politicians, lawyers and do-gooders have been spinning the line that the vast majority of people who make these dangerous journeys are desperately fleeing war, persecution and terror. 

It’s a narrative that suits the Government, playing into the generosity and compassion of the British people who believe that this country should offer refuge to innocent foreign nationals fleeing bullets and bombs.

Unfortunately, all too often it’s rubbish.

The public have been ‘duped’ when it comes to migrants crossing the Channel, writes Richard Tice. Pictured: A group of migrants brought into Dover on a Border Force vessel on Thursday

For the first time ever – thanks to a leak – voters can see exactly where passengers on these inflatable boats have come from. 

The uncomfortable truth? Almost 40 per cent hail from Albania. Yes, 13 per cent come from Afghanistan and six per cent from Syria.

They may well be in genuine need of refuge. But they are a minority. Others come from stable regimes including Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam and even India.

Why has the Government hidden this information? After all, it changes everything.

If these people are not genuinely fleeing for their lives, then it is not up to the British taxpayer to support them.

Both Tory leadership candidates are standing on platforms of trust and integrity. Both have pledged to tackle the illegal crossings.

Don’t get me wrong – Albania is no land of luxury. Many live below the poverty line and corruption is rife. Nonetheless, it is a peaceful place with a rapidly growing economy. 

It is also a member of Nato and applying to join the EU. Albanians who make the long journey across Europe to the French coast are not therefore running for their lives. They have other agendas.

Why don’t they just apply for a 180-day visa to visit? Is it a coincidence that Albanian criminal gangs are now among the biggest and most notorious in the UK? 

Is it possible that many of these Albanians migrants are in fact foot soldiers for criminal gangs, replacing those who have been locked up? 

What if they are being trapped in modern-day slavery in black market businesses operated by Albanian gangs?

Richard Tice (pictured), leader of the Reform Party, says: ‘The country of origin of migrants should be published monthly so nobody is under any illusions’

We deserve answers to these critical questions. The crisis costs British taxpayers billions of pounds every year at a time when Rishi Sunak says we cannot afford tax cuts to grow the economy and when millions are petrified about how to pay their food and heating bills.

The Government knows within days which countries Channel migrants are from. The military know exactly where they are setting off from on the French coast. They even know who supplies the boats.

So why are these individuals still staggering on to our beaches?

It is now time for the Government to tell the real story. The country of origin of migrants should be published monthly so nobody is under any illusions.

We must immediately share information about launch points with the French police and that data should also be published. Information is power.

Thirdly, Border Force must stop accepting migrants from the French navy at the half-way point and instead implement a new ‘pick-up-and-take-back’ policy for all migrants, returning them to France under the existing 1974 Safety of Life at Sea laws.

This would stop this vile trade in its tracks – and restore the confidence of the majority of British people that we have taken back control of our borders.

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