Horror as shark mauls dolphin to death turning sea blood red

A video captured by beachgoers shows a gruesome battle between an injured dolphin and a hungry shark with blood in the water by a Florida beach.

The terrifying scene happened at Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville in April, 2021 but the footage has recently resurfaced on Reddit and Twitter as people commented on the "insane" shark attack.

In the clip, two beachgoers are bewildered by the sighting as they stand just metres away from where the hunting unravels.

The apex predator thrashes violently in the water as it attacks the dolphin in the shallow water.

The water turns red when the shark takes a bite on the injured dolphin, which is struggling to escape its jaws.

Local resident Chris Polinsky wrote: "A 'jet-skier' had jumped off of his jet ski to swim with the dolphin not knowing the danger present.

"It appeared that while he was holding it, the shark came and bit it again while he was holding it and then the video starts after he realised what was happening."

He also mentioned that Florida Wildlife Commission had been following this dolphin because they had received reports that a shark had bitten the creature.

This happened multiple times in open water and officials were trying to evade the shark.

"Local officials made everyone get out of the water because they weren’t exactly sure what was happening at the time," Chris added.

The video went viral earlier last week as viewers commented on the beachgoers' reactions.

"Why aren’t they helping them break it up?!" one bizarrely wrote.

Another said: "What you want him to do? Gather the infinity stones and snap his fingers?"

"Bro goofy just standing there getting all that shark blood on him," a third added.

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