Horrific moment man arrested for stabbing incident attacks nurse with scissors

A man arrested for a stabbing incident has allegedly attacked a nurse with scissors when he was taken to a hospital before attempting to attack a police officer.

Luis Medina, 30, was being taken into custody on Saturday (April 23) for allegedly stabbing a 41-year-old woman multiple times in the midst of a domestic dispute in their apartment at The Bronx, New York City.

He had suffered minor injuries during the incident and was subsequently taken to Bronx Hospital for treatment.

Bodycam footage released by the police shows Medina lying on a stretcher while a nurse is treating his wounds.

He suddenly grabs a pair of scissors and strikes at the nurse, who then rushes out of the room.

The suspect jumps out of the stretcher despite having his right wrist cuffed to the rail and he turns towards the officer with a swiping action.

He slips and fails onto the ground; the officer pulls out a stun gun and Tases him before shutting the door to stop the suspect from fleeing.

According to New York Post, the nurse was not seriously injured.

Medina is now charged with multiple assault charges and criminal possession of a weapon, New York Police Department said.

They added the victim in the domestic dispute was taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital where she was in serious but stable condition.

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In the UK, a woman has opened up her traumatic relationship that left her with 11 stab wounds by her controlling boyfriend.

Cynthi Dolgeová said her then-partner, Jack Sutton, forced her to Google "how many years do you get for killing someone?"

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