Hair-raising moment £150,000 Lamborghini is rear-ended by Ford Fiesta – but who was in the wrong?

FOOTAGE shows the dramatic moment a Lamborghini worth £150,000 was rear ended by a Ford Fiesta.

The shocking incident shows the supercar being hit from behind in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

As the traffic up ahead slows, the Lamborghini, appears to apply the brakes.

Dramatic footage of the impact was shared on Twitter, showing the bright blue sports car being hit from behind by another motorist.

The video shows the aqua blue supercar roaring past in the inside lane as a passenger in another car records.

However, a silver Ford Fiesta coming up the rear appears to react too slowly and goes slamming into the back of it.

A nail biting crunch is heard when the person recording exclaims: “Oh s***!” as the vehicles collide.

The driver of the Lamborghini can then be seen turning left at a junction, while the car behind remains still.

Plumes of smoke visibly rise from the bonnet as the supercar disappears.

The man recording the video utters his disbelief as his car drives away.

The footage was originally shared on social media, the footage with Twitter users debating whose at fault.

One Twitter user wrote: “Lambo's fault, speeding up when he's taking a left, to all but near stop when turning, bloke behind has f***all chance.”

However, another argued: “If you a*** end someone it's your fault, it doesn't matter what they've done.

“You were either too close to stop in due course or had enough room but weren't paying attention.”

Someone else chimed in saying: “That’s 30 grand rear damage, I’d burn off too could lose your life over such claims.”

Whilst someone else simply stated: “One p****d off Lambo owner right there.”

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