Gunman who killed one and wounded three at party stoned to death by crowd

A man who is suspected of murdering a party-goer and injuring three others was allegedly stoned to death with garden rocks by a crowd on Monday morning.

The killing took place during a fight at a party in Fort Worth, Texas when the suspect allegedly shot three people before he was killed by other people at the party.

"Fort Worth police say the crowd defended themselves with gardening stones, killing the gunman," said a local reporter from

Two people were left in a critical condition after the shooting took place and another person suffered from serious injuries during the incident.

They were all taken to hospital – while the gunman and the victim were both pronounced dead at the scene.

No information about the identities of the suspected shooter or the victims has yet been released to the public.

Police have confirmed that everyone who was involved in the violent scenes at the party all knew one another.

The victims left injured following the shooting are expected to survive.

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Images from the scene show that the area was cordoned off by police and several light-on vehicles were present.

A neighbour told the Star-Telegram newspaper that the family who live in the home where the alleged shooting took place had been there for a year.

"On weekends they play the music really loud," she told the newspaper.

"One of my neighbors had to go down there and tell them to turn it down."

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Another shooting occurred earlier in the month, also in Texas, in which a SWAT team leader was tragically gunned down by a shooter who was "firing everywhere" during a tense stand-off.

Sergeant Josh Bartlett, who leaves behind a wife and three sons, was shot dead while on the job.

The shooter also injured four other officers in the incident, according to initial police reports.

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