Gran, 81, fears she will ‘drop dead’ before seeing Egyptian toyboy lover, 36

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An 81-year-old grandmother who married a 36-year-old Egyptian toyboy lover has warned she could “drop dead tomorrow” – as she fights to be reunited with him.

Iris Jones, 81, from Somerset, married Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, 36, in November last year after meeting him on Facebook in 2019.

However, the love-struck OAP has since spent months without Mohamed, who is unable to get a visa to stay in the UK.

Iris now fears that she won’t ever be reunited with her husband.

She told the Metro: "I’m separated from someone I love, it’s so hard.

“I haven’t got age on my side. I could drop dead tomorrow. Every day is precious."

Iris earlier admitted that the trips so far have been very expensive and that the environment in Egypt is ill-suited to her health.

She previously told the Metro that she's been "at Mohamed" about insisting his law firm "hurry up with the visa" and that she "doesn't know what the delay is".

Along the way, Iris has been “suffering from headaches and stress”.

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She added: "I’m going to the doctor to get a letter saying I’ve got so many health issues I need my husband with me in Britain, hoping they’ll bend the rules a bit and let him come over and look after me."

Back in March, Iris shared a poem on Facebook about her emotional turbulence.

Part of it read: “We just need to be together, for this lady is not in her prime.

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“We're on opposite ends of the spectrum, of that old adversary, time.

“To the immigration office, please do your very best.

“Grant Mohamed a visa, so he can leave Giza, for my little home in the west.”

The pensioner earlier shared explicit details about thecouple's sex life in an interview with ITV's This Morning.

She spoke toPhillip SchofieldandHolly Willoughbyback in November telling the TV duo everything about their first time in the sack.

Iris revealed: "It was pretty rough. We used a whole tube of KY Jelly.

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"The thing is, I couldn't walk the next day. I felt as if I'd been riding a horse. Saddle-sore wasn't even it. Anyway, we got over it."

Iris also revealed what "love" means to her in a Facebook post, while dishing the dirt on some of their kinky secrets.

She said: "LOVE is… when the one you love cuts your toe nails.

"LOVE is…when the one you love carries you up two flights of stairs when the lift has broken down."

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