Government cracks down on eco-zealots with nationwide injunction against mob blocking Britain's roads

THE Government slapped the first nationwide injunction against climate protesters blocking key roads on Monday.

Campaigners now face imprisonment or an unlimited fine for breaching the High Court-approved injunction.

It encompasses every major road in the UK – covering 4,300 miles – and comes as more than 100 eco zealots have already been served with court papers.

National Highways' interim court injunction bars activities that obstruct traffic, under threat of imprisonment and unlimited fines.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We are making use of every avenue of existing law to try to prevent the continued life-endangering action being carried out by Insulate Britain, which is causing intolerable disruption to motorists’ lives and livelihoods.”

The fed-up minister tweeted on Monday that Insulate Britain supporters were “back, risking lives and ruining journeys.

"Three specific injunctions are already in place, but today I instructed National Highways to apply for an injunction covering the entire strategic road network – tonight this has been granted on a temporary basis by the High Court."

The group has been demanding that the government provide more insulation for millions of homes as most properties in Britain are heated using gas boilers.

But followers have created utter chaos for irate drivers, who have been stuck in long tailbacks on busy routes, including on the M25 orbital motorway circling the capital.

The resumption of the human blockades coincides with the run-up to the United Nations COP26 global climate conference, which starts in Glasgow next week.

On Monday there were ugly scenes in London when an irate driver screamed "I hope your family get cancer" at protesters blocking his dad from getting treatment.

Half-term travel chaos kicked off as hoards of eco-zealots flocked to three locations across the capital in yet another round of protests.

One frantic Londoner screamed at the heartless mob as they stopped his dad getting vital cancer treatment in hospital.


The unknown driver – seen at the blockade close to Liverpool Street Station – shouted: "If anyone gets cancer, please let it be people you know. So you know what it's like to have your loved ones [unable to] get treatment.

"I hope you know what it's like. My father needs treatment and you sit here doing this."

He branded the group "scum" as they stared at him, saying nothing.

One eco-idiot even glued his FACE directly to the road, close to Liverpool Street Station during rush hour in a bizarre demonstration.

Drivers on Southwark Bridge were forced to pull protesters off the road themselves as they desperately tried to get to work.

Shouts of "well done, get him out the way" and "people are going to work" rang out as a member of the public swiftly intervened.

But his efforts were to no avail as the group quickly jumped back into position – causing chaos for hundreds of Londoners.

The Extinction Rebellion off-shoot campaign group has been taking a stand to demand more environmental action from the Government.

Starting with all social housing, members have demanded that Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes “significant legislative change to start lowering emissions".

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