'Giant' rat 'big enough for a Sunday roast' in London sparks horror on social media

A "GIANT" rat "big enough for a Sunday roast" has sparked horror on social media after it was found in London.

The rat was spotted in an alley in Camden, north London, at the weekend and a picture of the creature was posted on Facebook by LJ Bowen.

She wrote that the rat looked like a capybara, the largest living rodent in the world – which can grow to 4ft-long, 2ft-high and weigh up to 10 stone – and is native to South America.

More than 100 people commented on the snap after it was shared to Facebook.

One person wrote that it was "so big" you could serve it up as a Sunday roast.

Tom Neal wrote: “There is enough meat on that to get a Sunday roast out of it.”

John Stokes wrote: “Looks like a wild boar”, while another posted: “Omg! That thing is huge!!!!”

Craig Henry wrote: “Is he dead or is he sleeping? I don’t want to be there if he wakes up – he’d eat me for lunch.”

The large appearance of the rat may be due to the angle of the photo when it was taken.

Britain was overrun with giant rats during the coronavirus lockdown as the rodents invaded homes and cars.

With restaurants and cafes closed in urban areas, the disease-ridden vermin spread into the suburbs in the pursuit of food.

The beasts, some measuring 18-inches in length, are also engaged in “rat wars” as they gather together in “colonies” and attempt to take over rival turf.

There were also reports of the bloodthirsty rats eating each other.

Meanwhile in Sunderland, giant rats the size of "small ponies" have been caught invading homes and terrorising families.

The pesky rodents are said to be racing across clothes lines, jumping out from under sofas and running riot in gangs of up to 30 on a quiet street in Sunderland.

The rodents are understood to have appeared in huge numbers as a result of a sewage problem – which has given them access to the street via drains.

Last month in Milton Keynes, Bucks, desperate mum Faye Joyce, 29, said huge rats threatened to overrun her home, and they seemed immune to poison.

Receptionist Faye, who has a son aged seven, said: “The rats are the size of young cats.

“They’ll run up to you in the garden and they scurry around inside the cavity walls all day.”

She blames fly-tippers for dumping piles of rubbish near her home.

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