Gary Lineker taking SECOND refugee from Balochistan into his £4m home

Gary Lineker is taking in a SECOND refugee after welcoming man from Balochistan into his £4m Surrey home last year

  • Gary Lineker, 59, will welcome a second refugee into his £4million Surrey home
  • It comes a year after he took in a refugee called Rasheed from Balochistan
  • The Match of the Day presenter revealed he is finalising paperwork for another 

Gary Lineker has revealed he is will have a second refugee stay in his £4million home after taking one in from Pakistan last year.

The former England football ace, 59, said offering up a place for a refugee to stay in his Surrey house made him learn ‘a lot’.

He is finalising paperwork with a refugee charity at the moment and will soon take in another person from Balochistan.

Gary Lineker (pictured) has revealed he was surprised the ‘very smart’ refugee who recently stayed at his £4million home wasn’t a fan of cricket

‘I will never be able to comprehend being attacked for wanting to help people who are being bombed, who are risking their lives jumping on dinghies because they’re so desperate,’ he told The Sun.

‘How can anyone have a total lack of empathy for people in the most dire circumstances?

He added: ‘It wasn’t just a one-off like the public perception was.

‘It’s genuine. I got a lot out of it, and it was just a wonderful experience.’

More than 17,085 people had made the dangerous journey so far this year across the English Channel. Pictured: A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dover, Kent, by Border Force officers, following a small boat incident in the Channel

A group of migrants being brought to shore in Dover after being found crossing the Channel

Lineker welcomed law student Rasheed into his Surrey home through the charity Refugees At Home in August, after he was criticised for ‘virtue signalling’ when he publicised the plight of migrants.

The youngster was from the mountainous Balochistan region that straddles Pakistan and Iran and lived with the former England and Leicester star for 20 days while studying a law course. 

New role: Earlier this year, Gary stepped down as a presenter of BT Sport’s Champions League coverage and landed a position on Spain’s La Liga English-language channel

Rasheed, from the mountainous Balochistan region which straddles Pakistan and Iran, lived with the former England and Leicester ace for 20 days while studying a law course. Pictured: The note he left Lineker after leaving in October

Gary has four sons, George, Harry, Tobias and Angus (pictured with Angus, Tobias and George in 2015) 

The Match of the Day host will next year co-host BBC’s coverage of the football World Cup in Qatar, a country with a grim record of human rights abuses.

In recent weeks alone there have been devastating reports of women forced to get their life choices approved by a man if they want to marry, travel or study, while victims of rape can be landed with a seven-year jail sentence for sex outside marriage.

The country also sends men to prison if they even look like they might be gay.

Lineker was accused by some of hypocrisy for covering the event, as other stars such as David Beckham were hounded for taking £150million to be an ambassador for Qatar for a decade.

Yet Lineker said whatever the middle eastern country paid him he would never work for them.

However, it won’t stop him doing his job in covering the competition.

Lineker’s first taking in of a refugee went very well, with refugee Rasheed telling him ‘I can never forget your hospitality, love and company that you and your lovely respectful children gave to me’.

Rasheed’s letter to Lineker in full 

‘Dear Gary Lineker,

When I was moving to your home, I was worried that you might be unfriendly and conservative but it was all reverse what I thought.

During my stay at your beautiful home, I never felt that I am a stranger or guest but it seemed to me as if I am a member of your family.

I can never forget your hospitality, love and company that you and your lovely respectful children gave to me.

There is a saying in Balochi language, that if you give me a glass of water, I owe you in my entire life. In fact you did more.

Best wishes,

Rasheed. 18-10-2020′ 

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