Gaffe-prone Biden sparks health fears after coughing while calling VP ‘President Harris’

Joe Biden mistakes 2022 for 2020 in New Year speech

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On Tuesday, Joe Biden, 79, endorsed changing Senate rules which have stalled voting rights legislation during his speech at the Atlanta University Center Consortium. The President said he will not “yield” or “flinch” in the fight to protect democracy.

Despite previously defending the filibuster during his 36 years in Congress, Mr Biden has now stated it “has been weaponized and abused”.

He said: “I’m making it clear: To protect our democracy, I support changing Senate rules, whichever way they need to be changed to prevent a minority of senators from blocking action on voting rights.

“Pass the Freedom to Vote Act. Pass it now! … It’s also time to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

“I’m tired of being quiet!”

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However, Mr Biden’s speech made viewers worry and fume.

Throughout his speech, the POTUS called Vice President Kamala Harris instead as “President Harris” and was heard repeatedly coughing.

The 79-year-old President said: “Last week, President Harris and I stood on the United States Capitol.

Viewers took to social media to fume over the “gross” coughing from the US President.

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One Twitter user wrote: “Gross @POTUS coughing into his hand again.

@CDCgov you may want to contact everyone he shakes hands with.

“He doesn’t sound well.”

Linda wrote: “Can Joe Biden ever get through one sentence without coughing?

“It’s alarming AND annoying at the same time.”

Bonno wrote: “For a man who spends so much time talking about other people’s health he spends a lot of his recent speeches coughing into his hand.”

Josh wrote: “Can you stop coughing on tv without saying excuse me please? Coughing gets me upset.”

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