Florida man spits on boy in restaurant, says ‘you now have coronavirus’

The disturbing encounter took place last Sunday night at Ricky T’s restaurant in Treasure Island, Fox 13 news reported.

Jason Copenhaver, 47, first told the boy to take his mask off at the eatery and asked if he could shake his hand, police said.

Copenhaver then grabbed the boy’s arm and put his face next to the child’s, telling the boy he now had the coronavirus, according to police reports.

“Victim stated that (Copenhaver) was in such close proximity that spit particles from (Copenhaver’s) mouth landed in his face,” an officer wrote in the police report.

The man later tried to hit an employee twice, but the worker grabbed Copenhaver and escorted him outside until cops arrived, the report said.

Copenhaver was charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct.

Police said Copenhaver told them he didn’t know if he had coronavirus and has never been tested.

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