Flight 93 crash scattered ‘blood, skin and bones’ across field – but no bodies

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A local man has recalled the shocking moment he came across the wreckage of hijacked 9/11 Flight 93, where he found nothing but skin and bone fragments.

The flight was the only hijacked plane not to reach its intended target of the US Capitol Building during the attacks on September 11, 2001, instead crashing in a field in Pennsylvania, near the small town of Shanksville.

Earlier that morning, two other large Boeing jets had been flown into the North and South towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.

Another jet also crashed into the Pentagon in Washington.

Recalling his arrival at the Flight 93 crash site on the BBC's Surviving 9/11 documentary, local store owner Rick King said: “I just remember getting out and walking, and I’m wondering, ‘where is this plane?’

"There was no fuselage, there were no wings, there was no tail, just debris through the trees and into the woods but no people.

“As I was walking down the power line I was looking on the ground, and then I did start to see some small pieces of body parts.

“Bone fragments, some skin, a little bit of blood here and there, but nothing that I could recognise that was a human being.”

Melodie Homer, the wife of the plane’s pilot Lerory Homer, noted the explanation she was given by the authorities for why they had struggled to find any bodies.

She said: “What we were explained is that with all the jet fuel and the fire, the human body is so made of liquid that… you know, there wasn’t very much left of anything.”

Flight 93 had left Newark International Airport in New Jersey that morning, and was scheduled to fly to San Francisco.

However, hijackers stormed the cockpit, diverting course back towards the East coast. Their intended target was the US Capitol Building but passengers and crew onboard heroically fought back.

They managed to crash the plane into the field in Pennsylvania, which killed all those on board but saved countless others.

A memorial has now been set up at the site, honouring the victims of the crash.

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