Filmmaker who was punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin says he has 'undeniable' proof moon landings were faked

A FILMMAKER who was punched in the face by astronaut Buzz Aldrin for saying he lied about walking on the moon – says he has undeniable proof that the lunar landings were fake.

Bart Sibrel, who has been assaulted and bombarded with death threats over his research into the Apollo missions, shared photos and video footage with Sun Online which, unbelievably, he claims prove man has never walked on the moon.


"This conspiracy is the most symbolic of government arrogance," he said.

"It was totally 100 per cent contrived – none of it is true – yet they held ticker tape parade for these guys and gave them doing congressional medals of honour.

"It was a needless lie really just done for no reason other than arrogance and greed. And it makes a sucker out of every American who believes it is true."

Most shockingly, Sibrel claims to have documents from a former security guard who says he watched while NASA and the CIA filmed the faked moon landing of 1969 at a military base.

The documents allegedly contain a list of around 50 government personnel who were allowed access to the alleged fake moon landing – as well as the name of the covert operation.

Speaking ahead of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20, Sibrel, 55, revealed how his source feared for his life and asked him to keep the information secret until 10 years after his death.


Bizarrely, when Sibrel called the man's nearest family member earlier this month to tell them the 10-year embargo was up and he was about to go public  – the relative's home was burgled and the only thing taken was the dead security guard's NASA-related documents.

"My source was there when they filmed the fake first moon landing," he said.

"I have the name of the air force base that was shot at it. I have the techniques they used to do it. I have the codename for the project.

"I have the list of President Johnson's personal visitors who were allowed in the place. My source was in charges with security for the event. That's how he got the list and gave it to me.

"He even confessed that he was responsible for killing somebody to keep it a secret.

"I called up the source's relatives a week or two ago to tell them the 10 years had passed and check some things – and a few days later they had their house broken into by someone who knew the password of their security system.

"The only thing taken were the original copies of the materials my source had shown me."


Sibrel believes the single most compelling piece of evidence is from the pictures of the shadows on the moon – saying he has carried out experiments that prove that the pictures could only be recreated in a studio by electrical light.

He points out that NASA has been unable to send humans to the moon since 1973 – despite huge advances in technology – and how he believes the radiation surrounding earth – known as the Van Allen belt – is too harmful for humans to ever pass through.

Sibrel also says it is suspicious that none of the lunar modules survived despite the technology being worth millions.

"The above two photographs are all the poof you need that the moon missions were indeed falsified," he said.

"Not a single critic has ever explained, in this federal government's alleged picture from the moon, how two shadows in sunlight can intersect at ninety-degrees from objects five feet apart from one another, when sunlit shadows should run parallel.


"Go outside yourself and see if this can ever take place in sunlight. It is completely impossible. This photograph can only be duplicated with electrical light inside of a television studio. As a filmmaker, I know.

"What the United States government is claiming is that they sent astronauts one thousand times farther than they can send them today, with fifty year older technology and on the very first attempt, with all of NASA containing one-millionth the computing power of a cell phone.

"The alleged moon landings are the only technological claim in the entire history of the world that was not far surpassed fifty years later, much less not even able to be duplicated by any nation on earth.

"It is also the only time that such claimed expensive technology was deliberately destroyed afterwards, only done so to hide the evidence of the fraud."

Experts have for years laughed off and dismissed conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landings.
Former NASA workers have explained away the odd-shaped shadows on the pictures by saying there was light from multiple sources – the sun, light reflected off the earth and light reflected off the moon – which caused the inconsistencies.

Other experts have pointed out how difficult it would be to pull off such a hoax when 410,000 people worked on the Apollo mission from some 20,000 different companies.And many believe America’s bitter rivals in the space race, the then-Soviet Union would have gleefully revealed to the world the moon landing was faked if they had any suspicions – but they didn't.

Yet Sibrel is adamant in his theories and believes another piece of proof is an old reel of film he was given by the NASA archive that was mis-labelled.


He believes he was mistakenly given the footage which he says shows the astronauts faking pictures of the earth below – when they had never even left earth's orbit.

"At the beginning of the reel it says 'do not show to the public'," he said.

"Of all the footage I got from NASA over several years, this was the only unedited footage I got and it shows the astronauts making an optical illusion that they were far away from the earth when in fact it was just a circular window.

"And there's also a secret track of audio from the CIA prompting them how to do it accurately.

"Certainly they went up in the rocket so that they could go up in front of witnesses but they never left earth orbit.

"The picture is supposed to be the lens up against the window and the spacecraft looking at the earth from far away.

"But what they really did is put the camera at the back of the spacecraft away from the window and turned out all the lights.


"And they had a photograph that they apparently took from an unmanned probe of earth from a distance which was like a transparency or a colour x-ray. They put that over in the circular window so it was a backlit and it looked like planet earth.

"Then at the beginning of the reel, you'll hear NASA ask them a question and there's exactly a four second delay. And then on the third track of audio, you'll hear somebody else – presumably the CIA – say, 'talk' and Armstrong talks.

"So if Armstrong – who was in earth orbit and not halfway to the moon – had responded right away, it would give away the fact that he was in earth orbit only 300 miles above earth – they had to create an increased radio delay."

Sibrel's theories have made him very unpopular among certain astronauts – with Buzz Aldrin famously punching him in the face and another astronaut Edward Mitchell kicking him in the rear – both incidences were caught on video.

He has asked many astronauts to swear on the bible they walked on the moon – and only two did, who he later found out to be atheists.

In one interview with Aldrin, where he shows him the NASA archive footage he obtained, the visibly uncomfortable astronaut responds: "You're talking to the wrong guy why don't you talk to the administrator of NASA?

"We were passengers. We were guys going on a flight."

"When I popped in the videotape, which he filmed personally of them faking being halfway to the moon, he said in anger, 'Oh this makes you a real famous person who discovered this what an ego you must have to want to propel yourself like this'.

"Well, that's admitting that I'm right. He never said I was wrong.

"And then to say 'we're just passengers' – wait a minute they supposedly piloted the spacecraft on to the surface of the moon and he says they're just passengers? "Then when he realised that he had made these two admissions on camera, he threatened to sue me if I broadcast it to anybody. Why would that being necessary?


"Another astronaut got really mad asking how dare I question this stuff and literally kicks me in the butt when my back was turned to him.

"Because of that unusual circumstance we left a wireless mic on him and when we got back to the car it was still recording. His son was talking about calling up the CIA to have me assassinated.

"Now if they really went to the moon, why would you have to call the CIA to have an investigative journalist assassinated?"

Sibrel says he made personal and public pleas to many of the astronauts involved to come forward and tell the truth – but does not expect any of them will do so.

But he plans to continue his research and is releasing a book with some of his new discoveries later this year.

"If Toyota claimed they made a car fifty years ago that could travel 50,000 miles on one gallon of gasoline, yet today their best car can only go 50 miles per gallon, one-thousandth the distance, you would laugh at the obviousness of the forgery," he said.

"If it were not for people’s emotional attachment to the alleged moon landings, this fifty-year unrepeatable claim, also with only one-thousandth the distance capable five decades later, would also be easily recognised as the fraud that it sadly is.

"This truth is being deliberately repressed to hide the enormous and arrogant corruption of the federal government.

"And if the truth ever comes out about this, it would undoubtedly lead to a major overhaul of the federal government."

The Sun Online reached out to NASA.

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