Facebook down conspiracies somehow spread further despite Facebook being offline

Facebook, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp, have been down for hours and the internet is properly freaking out.

Made worse by the fact that Facebook have been quiet about why it is actually happening, conspiracy theorists have come out of the woodwork to give their thoughts on why the social media giant has crashed.

Some believe that the outage is down to a 'massive hack', tied to an episode of US show "60 Minutes" that aired on Sunday in which a Facebook whistleblower said Facebook is "intentionally misleading the public".

One of the most popular routes of the 'massive hack' theory is centred around a post on a hacking forum that suggests a company called X2Emails has "more than 1.5b Database of Facebook these database scraped this year and 100% emails are included and phone as well".

Theorists are suggesting that this now viral post could be what has caused the outage, VICE reports.

However, internet sleuths have all but debunked this post as not relevant to the major crash due to its use of "scraped".

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Scraped databases of Facebook profiles are extremely common and never usually have anything to do with a 'hack'.

One sceptical user wrote: "Scammer. Only sends [a sample of] 20 users. There is no more. Doesn't accept escrow(moderator). But he expects you to believe in 20 samples and send $5,000. Instead of 1.5 billion, I think there are 150 users of data for social engineering."

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The New York Times has reported that Facebook employees are unable to get into certain buildings due to the outage.

They also noted that employees are having to communicate with each other through other messaging services like Zoom.

Back in January, hackers genuinely did scrape Facebook, getting a database of over 500 million accounts – including phone numbers of people who had chosen to keep that information private.

It is still not clear what is causing the outage at Facebook, but it is unprecedented for the social media giant to be down for this long.

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