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A TWISTED mum and stepdad who tortured their five-year-old daughter in a freezing bath as a punishment have been caged.

Evil Georgia Newman, 29, and her partner Jordan Kilkenny, also 29, left the child "close to death" with their "torturous" behaviour.

The pair threw the tot into freezing water at their home in Leeds on November 1, 2019, leaving her there for between "one and three hours", a court heard.

Paramedics charged to the scene at 3.31pm to find the child blue and frothing at the mouth in the living room – she had her eyes open but was unresponsive.

The tot had a core body temperature of just 25C – 12C colder than average.

Emergency responders "scooped her up" and took the little girl to hospital in a critical condition.


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Medics said they had "never seen" a patient with such a low temperature survive.

They added that such a temperature was consistent with someone who has been submerged in the North Sea "for some time".

Chillingly, Kilkenny was later found to have Googled "what can happen to a child in a cold bath for 45 minutes?" the day before the tot was tortured.

Leeds Crown Court on Monday heard Newman lied and told hospital staff the girl had "slipped and banged her head in the bath".

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Depraved Newman -who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time – blamed the child's condition "on the bubble bath and said she would not be buying that brand again".

Prosecutor Richard Woolfall told the court how sadistic Kilkenny said the child had fallen in the bath and he had given her CPR.

But the paramedic – who was on the scene 19 minutes after the pair called 999 -noted the girl "was so stiff he couldn't move her".

Mr Woolfall added: "He tried to get an oxygen reading from her finger but no reading could be obtained because she had shut down because she was so cold.

"Her chest was making crackling noises suggesting suggesting she had inhaled water in both lungs."

Alongside a plummeted core temperature – the girl also suffered a seizure and doctors believed she was "close to death", the prosecutor said.

Defibrillator pads were put onto her chest in case she went into cardiac arrest so hospital staff could immediately restart her little heart, it was revealed.

Mr Woolfall added how when spoken to a second time, Newman said her daughter was "found in the bath and was found face down by her partner".


The tot's tiny body was warmed up by a machine that raises core body temperature.

A professor of infant health explained how once shivering stops, a person becomes drowsy and if the parents were in the room they would be aware the child was unwell 30 minutes finding her.

The court heard there was also a delay of between 30 minutes and 45 minutes from when the girl had been found to the call to the emergency services.

Heartbreakingly, as the girl was interviewed by police, she told officers Kilkenny had put her in the bath and Newman knew.

She said she laid down because "mummy asked her to" and she was laid down for a long time and "that made her sad".

Mr Woolfall said: "She said it had never happened before and when she was naughty she usually had to sit on a step."

The girl now lives with her biological father and is "thriving".

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Kilkenny pleaded guilty to cruelty to a child at Magistrates' court, Newman pleaded guilty to the same charge at a plea, trial and preparation hearing.

Kilkenny, of Norman Terrace in Leeds, was jailed for three years and four months and Newman, of Thorne Hill Road in Huddersfield, was jailed for three years and six months.

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