Evil dad killed by daughters he sexually assaulted and made dig their own graves

A father killed by his three teenage daughters allegedly sexually abused them to make pornography and separately forced them to "dig their own graves," new evidence has claimed.

Alleged "evil paedophile" Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, was stabbed to death in Moscow with his own hunting knife in 2018 by a trio of teens all accused of murder.

The three sisters could face years in jail, with a Russian court now deciding whether sisters Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan will be exonerated in the long-running case.

The trio were 19, 18 and 17 at the time of the murder, who admitted to killing their father and claimed they had received "systematic torture" at Mikhail's hands, including rapes and beatings.

Lawyer Mari Davtyan said Mikhail shot at the girls with a non-lethal gun, giving the siblings a reason to fear for their lives since he also owned more powerful weapons.

She said: "They had no shadow of doubt that he would shoot – first of all because he had done it. He shot at the girls just for fun. He checked his traumatic gun by shooting into the leg [of his daughter].

"Just for a joke. He drove them out to dig graves for themselves in the woods. They absolutely believed that this [threat to kill them] was real."

New evidence indicates that the 57-year-old father had made and sent pornographic videos involving his daughters.

The Russian Investigative Committee has added distribution of pornography to the charges to be posthumously levelled at their father, already accused of sex abuse and beatings.

A lawyer acting on behalf of the dead father, Olga Khalikova, said she would dispute the claims of sex abuse and pornography.

Khalikova said: "There were no biological traces confirming the sexual abuse of girls, and cannot be. The duty of the investigation was to prove that it was Mikhail who sent this video, but this was not done."

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The three are set to argue in court that they acted in necessary self defence with elder sisters Krestina and Angelina charged with murder, while Maria faces time in a psychiatric hospital rather than prison after being judged temporarily insane.

Lawyer Davtyan said: "The examinations confirmed the father's violence against his daughters. The experts found that each of the girls since 2014 suffered from abuse syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"The report found the abusive father manipulated his daughters with threats, violence, humiliation, as well as used “beatings, mocking them, and physical and sexual abuse".

Other family members have accused the sisters of lying about their father's sexual abuse and claimed the trio were seeking his money by killing him.

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