EU warned it is ‘too old fashioned’ to survive in modern Europe: ‘It is not democratic!’

Frexit campaigner hits out at 'old fashioned' EU

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President of Generation Frexit, a campaign dedicated to removing France from the European Union in the same way as Brexit, Charles-Henris Gallois insisted the EU was too old fashioned. During an interview with, he said it remained undemocratic and inefficient. He also argued the way the bloc attempts to solve issues across Europe, one size fits all approach, was proving to be a disaster.

Mr Gallois said: “The EU is a total disaster and it is old fashioned and inefficient for the 21st century.

“The European Union says the same thing on every single subject, even though you don’t share the same interests or policy in every country in Europe.

“It is total stupidity and what makes Europe a richer continent is because you have independent states and everyone has their own way of doing things.

“When you have one that is more successful in a period of time you then tend to imitate the one that was successful.

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“That is why Europe has been a richer continent.”

Mr Gallois highlighted why he believes Europe is becoming poorer and why the European Union is at fault.

He said: “If you want to apply the same solution in all the different countries it is not democratic and then it is not efficient.

“You can assess it after, it is always a disaster.

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“If the European nations are still rich it is because of the past, what was done before.

“Now you see the European countries getting poorer and poorer in compared to some parts of the world.”

Mr Gallois also predicted the Frexit movement would grow as French citizens grow more frustrated with the European Union.

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He said: “I think the Frexit movement will definitely continue to grow.

“The longer we are in the EU the more problems we will have.

“You will see very bad and difficult social and economical reforms by the EU.

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