Drug-taking mother, 29, who stole defibrillator is fined £1,500

Drug-taking mother-of-two, 29, who stole defibrillator from train station during cocaine binge before telling police she had no memory of stealing the device is fined £1,500

  • Billie Jo-Hogan stole the defibrillator from Crewe Railway Station in Cheshire
  • The 29-year-old said she had no memory of the incident after turning herself in 

A mother-of-two has been ordered to pay £1,500 after stealing a defibrillator during a cocaine binge.

Billie-Jo Hogan, 29, walked out of Crewe Railway Station in Cheshire, holding the defibrillator and wearing an orange hi-vis jacket at 7.35am on 3 July 2022.

The former healthcare assistant later told officers she had no memory of the theft, after turning herself in following the launch of a police appeal.

She also claimed to have no idea what had happened to the items, due to her use of cocaine and cannabis. 

The 29-year-old was later fined and ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work after admitting to stealing the items at Crewe Magistrate’s Court. 

Billie-Jo Hogan, 29, said she had no memory of stealing a defibrillator and hi-viz jacket from Crewe Railway Station due to her use of cocaine and cannabis

The mother-of-two surrendered to police following the launch of public appeal that used CCTV images from the incident

Hogan, whose own father previously suffered a heart attack himself, surrendered to police after they launched a public appeal in November 2022, using CCTV images from the incident. 

‘Do you recognise this woman? It emerged her name was repeatedly given to British Transport Police by various members of the public,’ the public appeal said. 

In an interview, Hogan admitted being the woman in the pictures but said she had no idea what she had done with the device or jacket.

At Crewe magistrates court, Hogan of Shavington, near Crewe admitted theft and was also sentenced to a 12-month community order with a requirement that she undertakes 100 hours of unpaid work.

Hogan stole the items from the Crewe Railway Station emergency box on 3 July 2022, at 7.35am.

The 29-year-old started misusing drugs and alcohol after developing mental health difficulties due to a previous abusive relationship

Billie Jo-Hogan lives with her parents and has no previous convictions

Miss Yvonne Dobson, prosecuting, said: ‘The defendant entered the railway station by Nantwich Road and walked onto platform one. 

‘She took an emergency defibrillator from a glass box in addition to taking an orange high visibility vest.

‘She put the vest on and walked to the Weston Road entrance and walked out of the station holding the defibrillator and wearing the vest.

‘On November 25, 2022, officers investigating the incident released images of the defendant on social media appealing for help to identify the individual.

‘Over a few days the police received information from members of the public.. On November 30, the defendant herself attended the police station saying she was the person who they were looking for.

‘She had seen the media appeal herself and she was therefore arrested.

‘During the interview she admitted taking and stealing the defibrillator and apologised to officers.’ 

‘She said she had been using cannabis and cocaine heavily. She did not remember stealing the defibrillator and could not tell police what she had done with it.’

Hogan who lives with her parents has no previous convictions.

Her lawyer Miss Lesley Herman said: ‘The defendant says she went through a particularly bad period last year. She was in an abusive relationship which led to her abusing drugs.

‘As you have heard she saw the media reports and she accepted that it was her. She still has absolutely no memory of taking the defibrillator, she has no idea whatsoever of what she did with it.’ 

‘She doesn’t know what she did on that day and I think she had no idea what she was doing and there no planning involved.’

The former healthcare assistant was told to pay £1,500 and ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work

A probation report said: ‘Miss Hogan does suffer from mental health issues and had mental health difficulties at this time due to a previous relationship. She has not seen her GP as yet.

‘At the time of the offence she was misusing drugs, particularly cocaine and cannabis. She was also using alcohol as inappropriate means to deal with her emotions. 

‘The likelihood is that she has been using cannabis, alcohol or both at the time which affected her consequential thinking skills on the day.

‘It is not something she would do now. She is not aware of why she did it at the time. She has good victim awareness. 

‘She summed it up when she said father had had a heart attack and if somebody had needed that particular defibrillator it would not have been there for them to have.

‘She appreciates the potential for harm and did demonstrate remorse through the interview. She is unemployed at the moment but willing to work and is suitable for unpaid work or a financial penalty.

Sentencing Hogan, chairman Neil Fowkes said: ‘We have listened very carefully to the report from the probation and we know you say you have no recollection of what happened on this day. But obviously you are aware that this amenity can save people’s lives. If it was not there it could not do that.’

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