DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Bullish Boris Johnson gives Britain a vital boost

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Bullish Boris Johnson gives Britain a vital boost

Given the magnitude of infections, and the baying of saturnine scientists, the Prime Minister could have rolled over and reached for more repressive restrictions. To his great credit, he has not.

Instead, satisfied soaring cases have not led to perilously high hospitalisations, and with weekly deaths at their lowest level since August, he has relaxed some of the most maddening rules.

In a boost for families seeking winter sunshine, and the beleaguered travel industry, fully-jabbed adults and children can avoid almost all Covid tests – saving holidaymakers hundreds of pounds.

On top of that, the PM – who bullishly suggests we may be back to normal in just three weeks – is scrapping confirmatory PCR tests for those who receive a positive lateral flow, in a bid to ease staff absences.

Boris Johnson has bullishly suggested we may be back to normal in just three weeks

This shows Mr Johnson is going in the right direction. How gratifying, then, that he has also hinted the seven-day isolation rule could be reduced to five.

At present, about one million people are trapped in solitary confinement. Despite many being healthy, over-zealous regulations forbid them from returning to work.

Not only do unnecessary staff shortages throw ball bearings under the hooves of business, they also play havoc with schools, care homes and the emergency services. And it is bleakly ironic that hospitals are struggling, not through a tsunami of Covid patients, but because so many doctors and nurses are stuck at home.

Of course, the BBC (which loathes Boris for delivering Brexit and a Tory government) is allowing the shroud-waving Left to fuel panic by suggesting the NHS is being overwhelmed. Yet it is a striking fact that more patients were in our hospitals two years ago than there are today.

Mr Johnson must ignore the siren voices, stick to his guns – and be congratulated for not considering any more ruinous restrictions. The rewards will be huge. The UK being the most free country in Europe – and reaping a huge economic dividend.

Take axe to green tax

Campaigning in the 2019 election, Mr Johnson promised to bring people prosperity – and won a whopping majority.

But after Covid, this year threatens to bring another unpleasant epidemic: Spiralling costs for households.

Chief among these is soaring energy bills, which are forcing the most vulnerable to switch off unaffordable heat and light.

Meanwhile, gas and electricity prices are crippling businesses, which pass on the overheads to hard-pressed customers at the till – fuelling inflation and jeopardising Britain’s economic recovery.

Ministers should start by axing punishing green levies that put up bills. If ordinary families feel financial pain, they will take it out on the Tories at the ballot box.

The law’s an ass again

Exactly what message about the rule of law does it send out when violent agitators are cleared by a court after brazenly tearing down 17th century slave trader Edward Colston’s statue?

The four Black Lives Matter protesters claimed it was a political act – not criminal damage. Inexplicably, the jury agreed.

Where does this madness end? With thugs having carte blanche to smash up any public property they don’t like in the name of the noble tradition of dissent?

Once again, the law is an ass.

  • Awarded to the families of British troops killed in conflict, the Elizabeth Cross is a mark of recognition for their loss. Yet some recipients are so disgusted at Tony Blair’s knighthood, after he concocted evidence to justify an illegal war in which their children perished, they will hand their medals back. Who can blame them? The honours system is clearly in the gutter.

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