Cruel mum faked 12-year-old autistic son’s death and abandoned him at motel

A woman was arrested for faking the death of her 12-year-old autistic son while she left him alone in a motel room for two weeks.

Vanessa Blanchard, 39, was contacted by the boy’s school in Tennessee after he didn’t turn up for two days, according to an arrest warrant.

The mother then told the school that her son had died after suffering a seizure despite him being perfectly fine.

In response to what would have been a terrible tragedy, the local community rallied together to raise money for the boy’s funeral costs, the warrant said. The school then contacted the local funeral home officials only to be told there were no arrangements being made.

The school contacted the mother again for her to say she was still awaiting an autopsy at the local hospital and would not arrange anything until after then.

Ally Cole, mother of a son who attended the same school Blanchard’s son went to, said classmates and teachers were devastated.

“Kids in class were crying over his death. My son and some friends had made a shrine in homeroom at his old seat. He had talked every day about wanting to meet his mum and go to his funeral, Cole told Clarksville Now, adding that counsellors were offered to kids to help guide them through their grief in the weeks after the announcement.

Two weeks later, officials at the school found that the boy’s school issued laptop was being used at a motel nearby. Police visited and found by himself there in a room where he had been living alone for the past couple of weeks.

Blanchard was then arrested and upon questioning, revealed that she had left him there alone and said she was checking on him daily or every other day.

She was later charged with false impression of death and contributing to the delinquency of a child, police said.

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