Couple brag about ‘gorgeous pâté’ only to be told they’re munching on cat food

An elderly couple were in for a shock when they learnt that the 'gorgeous' pâté they had eaten was in fact cat food that their daughter mistakenly left behind after dropping off their weekly shop.

Angela was ‘howling with laughter’ after discovering her 80-year-old mum Margaret Lincoln and 94-year-old step-dad Donald had eaten the 'pâté’, which was actually cat food, with her sister Beverly.

Her mother told her they had eaten “a really lovely dinner of absolutely gorgeous pâté and baked bread,” and even asked her to pick up some more.

However, Angela could not remembering buying the pair any pâté and was very confused.

Only when her mother showed her the tin that the 'pâté' had come in did Angela join up the dots and realise that her family had actually tucked into a tuna-based Carrefour tin of cat food.

Angela said: "Honestly I nearly wet myself. I was absolutely howling with laughter. My mum started laughing then my sister started laughing. My sides were splitting, my mouth was hurting, I was laughing that much," she recalled.

"I couldn't stop laughing, honestly – I was going to wet myself – for a good ten minutes."

Donald jokingly asked his step-daughter: “What are you doing? Are you trying to poison me?”

Fortunately the mishap didn’t cause Angela’s parents or sister any ill-health as the three of them had shared the small tin of tuna-based pet food and only ate a small amount each.

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Angela added: "My mum had absolute astonishment on her face and because I was laughing she just had to laugh as well, it's like – oh my god mum what have you done? She said she enjoyed it. She said it was lovely!"

The family moved from Sheffield to France back in 2015 and the confusion surrounding the contents of the can came from the family still adjusting to the French labels.

"Obviously, living in France, it's quite hard, we kind of have to work out what something is," Angela explained.

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