Conspiracy theorists say Meghan Markle copied funeral attire from Princess Diana

Cooky conspiracy theorists have claimed that Meghan Markle copied her funeral attire from the Queen's farewell off Princess Diana.

Markle, 41, was pictured wiping away tears at the moving ceremony inside Westminster Abbey with her husband, Prince Harry, and a whole host of other royals.

Many said the Duchess was the epitome of class, some accused her of crocodile tears and now conspiracy theorists are saying that she based her look on her husband's dead mother's famous outfits.

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A TikTok viewed 22.7 million times showed a slideshow of the royal family, dressed in black, playing with the text "everyone else at the Queen's funeral:" and cuts to "Meghan showing up dressing as Diana."

The latter text plays on top of photos of Meghan and Diana in strikingly similar outfits.

This was enough for some to believe Meghan took her inspo from the Princess who died in a car accident in 1997, but the TikTok was posted before the Queen's funeral even took place.

Futhermore, the aforementioned images of Meghan in black were from Remembrance Day in 2019.

Because the video appeared on TikTok's For You page, it isn't time sensitive or chronological – and this fooled many people into believing the clip was fresh and Meghan did indeed copy Princess Diana.

Meghan dressed elegantly in her fitted outfit as she attended both the funeral and the committal service.

She decided to wear the black version of a midi cape dress by Stella McCartney that she previously sported at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018, for the Queen's 92nd birthday celebrations.

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Meanwhile, her wide-brimmed translucent asymmetric hat, which she styled with a chignon bun, was the black version of the same headpiece she wore to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier this year.

In June, the Duchess donned the hat during the service of thanksgiving, which was held at St Paul's Cathedral, reports OK!

Her black gloves were also thought to be in tribute to the late monarch as she was never seen without a pair on as she attended royal engagements.

But it was her jewellery that held the most sentimental meaning as her hair 'do perfectly showed off her diamond and pearl drop studs which had been gifted to her by the late monarch during an engagement they did together in 2018.

The beautiful jewellery is thought to be a smaller version of the earrings that the late Queen tended to wear every day.

Meghan has also worn the pearls, which are no doubt now even more precious to her, when she attended a ceremony at Westminster Hall after the Queen's coffin had been transported from Buckingham Palace.

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