‘Complete Failure’: Pro-Brexit politician hit by protest milkshake

You might have had a bad Monday, but it probably wasn’t as bad as Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage’s.

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The former UK Independence Party leader was hit with a milkshake thrown by a protester ahead of a pro-Brexit event in Newcastle, England.

In video that captured the moment, security can be seen rushing around Farage. “Complete failure,” Farage is heard to say.

Farage is at least the third far-right British politician to recently be hit by a milkshake, according to the Associated Press.

Farage emerged as an international lightning rod following his prominent role in the Brexit movement, in which he helped shepherd an ultimately-successful vote to divorce England from the European Union. He later became an outspoken ally of candidate and then-President Donald Trump.

The Brexit Party Twitter page used the incident to promote the party’s resiliency.

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