Co-op worker hit by thug after asking him to wear a face mask in sick footage

A shocking video shows a thug attack a Co-op supermarket worker after she asked him to wear a face mask and help slow the spread of coronavirus.

In the clip, which was aired by BBC Breakfast this morning, January 13, a man shouts at a female staff member while standing inches away from her face.

He screams: "Why are you touching me, what are you touching me for?"

Aggressively, he flicks her in the face as the row heats up even further, before marching out of the unnamed Co-op store.

The man later pleaded guilty to breaching Covid regulations and was fined.

Paul Cheema, manager of Malcolm Stores in Coventry, told the show it wasn't easy for small businesses to enforce mask rules like many supermarket chains are now doing.

He explained: "As an independent retailer, I haven't got the funds like the big supermarkets to employ a security guard at the front door.

"You'd be talking, three, four, five hundred pounds a week.

"You double that and it's £1,000.

"And if you look at the estate of independent retailers across the country, we just don't have the funds to do that."

This comes as the UK today recorded its highest-ever daily tally of deaths – 1,564 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test were reported on Wednesday, January 12.

As the virus ravages the country, many supermarkets are now imposing tougher restrictions and banning people from entry if they don't have a mask or medical exemption.

Asda is also going to offer the coronavirus vaccine in its pharmacies.

Meanwhile, the bank HSBC has warned customers they could lose their accounts if they refuse to wear a mask when in its branches.

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