Brits to FINALLY get some sun with 23C heatwave on the way after weeks of downpours

BRITS will finally get the weather they’ve been waiting for, with a 23C heatwave on the way after weeks on end of downpours.

The appalling May weather looks set to take a turn for the better – with the mercury predicted to rise above 20C in parts of the UK – just in time for the bank weekend.

Spring kicked off in the UK with downpours and below-average temperatures, a stark contrast from the blissfully warm temperatures felt across the region this time last year.

Early provisional statistics show that Wales has already had its wettest May on record, with figures going back to 1862 – and there's still another week of the month to go.

And we've seen gales, plenty of rain, thunderstorms and even hail in the past couple of weeks.

But forecasters are predicting the end of the month will be brighter and warmer, with temperatures in London and central parts of England seeing temperatures climb as high as 23C over the weekend. 

London and central parts of England could see temperatures climb to as much as 23C over the weekend.

Temperatures haven’t been as high since March 30, when 24.5C was recorded in London.

Other parts of the South East, Wales and North West, were predicted to see top temperatures of around 20C.

Oli Claydon, from the Met Office, said: "Showers will start to ease and temperatures will increase over the bank holiday.

"There'll be highs of up to 23C for central parts of England and possibly into London.

"There is a slow progression towards warmer and drier conditions."

The wet weather has dominated the forecast this month, with Wales having recorded 200.7mm of rain.

This was double the monthly average – making it the wettest May in records dating back to 1862.

Dorset, Bristol and eastern parts of Scotland have also been particularly hard-hit by downpours.

Across the UK as a whole, it has been the 10th wettest May on record, according to figures from the Met Office. 

While we can expect some respite over the weekend, it looks like the sunny spell could be short-lived.

Forecasters are warning showers and cooler weather could return early next week.

Claydon said the biggest difference between last May and this one isn't temperatures, but sunshine.

"May 2020 was the sunniest month on record," he said.

"It wasn't necessarily particularly hot.

"It was above average in terms of temperatures, but it wasn't a record-breaking month for warmth."

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