Brit mum and daughter found dead in burger van they were decorating for birthday

A young man found his mother and sister dead in his burger van this morning (February 15) after they had entered to decorate it for his birthday.

Owner of Meat 'N' Greet Snack Wagon, Tyla Wanstall, arrived at work to discover mum Leah Churchill and "beautiful baby sister" Brooke Wanstall dead inside.

The pair are at this point in time believed to have suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning at the truck near Thanet Way in Whitstable, Kent.

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KentOnlinereports that the pair are suspected to have come into contact with fumes from the generator as they decorated the van’s interior to surprise Tyla for his 26th birthday.

Tyla has since paid tribute to mum Leah, 50, and sister Brooke, 17.

Of Whitstable Road, Faversham, he told the publication: "They were decking the van out inside in balloons and bunting as a birthday surprise for me, like my mum would do at home every year.

"I didn't even know they were going down there last night but she must have started the petrol generator for power and to keep warm without realising the danger."

The generator is kept in the van during closing hours but is put outside to run during the operation of the van.

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He continued: "I opened the van door and saw my mum and sister and for an instant thought they had fallen asleep.

"I smelt fumes but it just didn't register straight away, but it became obvious they were both dead.

"I called the police and ambulance but it was the firefighters who told me it was likely carbon monoxide poisoning.

"It's heartbreaking to think they spent their last few moments just trying to put a smile on my face."

Leah leaves behind two more children, Ocean, 23, and son Sonny, 12.

Brooke had just completed her GCSEs and had entered into the world of work.

Drum and bass MC Tyla added: "She did really well in her grades and had just started work as a carer, which she was really enjoying. She was also due to take her driving test next week."

It is expected the deaths will be reported to the coroner for an inquest.

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