Boy discovers bomb while out playing with metal detector he had for Christmas

Bomb disposal experts were scrambled to a Cumbrian town yesterday after a nine-year-old boy found a bomb while out playing with his Christmas present.

Danny, from the Pennine town of Alston, was out with his dad Paul using the new metal detector he got for Christmas when they came across a suspicious object that was for some time believed to be an unexploded bomb .

At first, Paul wasn't sure what the mystery object was, and picked it up to give it a once-over, before others told him to put it down warning that it could have been a bomb.

He told LancsLive: "My son got a metal detector for Christmas and we went for a wander down by the river because he's done round the garden and found all sorts.

"The metal detector started going crackers. We aimed it at what we thought was a giant black stone and it was the bomb looking object.

"Without thinking what it might be I picked it up, tapped it on something, scratched the side of it."

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Paul posted the picture to a Facebook metal detectorists' group – and several commenters told him that it looked like a bomb.

He then started to Google bombs that had washed up in water and found they looked similar.

He continued: "I rang the police and said there was a suspicious-looking object I thought was a bomb and sent them a picture. They said it definitely looked like one and would send two units out.

"I rang 999 because I didn't know who to speak to. The police came out and they said it looked like a bomb.

"They'd been in touch with the bomb squad at Catterick."

Cumbria Police were called to the vicinity of The Brewery in Alston after the discovery of the object, which at the time was believed to be an ordnance.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal was contacted and attended and cordons had been put in place to prevent the public from accessing the area on foot.

Cumbria Police later updated the public that the object didn't pose any danger to the public.

A spokesman said: "The item has been analysed and found to be a piece of metal, not an ordnance, and found to be of no danger. Thank you to all for your patience."

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