BBC Weather: ‘Things to get worse’ as Storm Filomena batters Europe with heavy snow

Storm Filomena: Europe set for ‘disruptive’ weather

BBC Weather forecaster Darren Bett said Europe could expect heavy rain, wet weather and snow over the next few days. He added Storm Filomena could worsen and move further north with heavy snow. He said this snow could bring Madrid to a standstill as the wet weather spreads throughout Europe.

He said: “We have got big differences north and south across Europe.

“For many northern areas pressure is higher and it is drier in most places but the air is colder.

“To the south, we have this chain of weather fronts producing areas of heavy rain and some snow over the high ground.

“Of course it is storm Filomena that is bringing all that wetter weather into Spain and Portugal.

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“In some areas, it is not just rain but also snow.”

The BBC Weather forecaster insisted that the unsettled and wet weather would intensify as we head into the weekend.

Mr Bett noted that this storm would spread further into central Europe and bring with it wet wintry conditions.

He said: “Things are probably going to get worse overnight into Saturday.

BBC Weather: Heavy snowfall set to hit parts of Europe

“This will be when that snowy weather meets that colder air and moves northwards across many parts of Spain.

“There is going to be a lot of disruption here.

“You can also see how this wetter weather extends all the way into the Black Sea.”

Mr Bett noted that there would be warm air south of this wall of rain across Europe.


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Parts of Greece, Turkey and the islands can expect warm temperatures around 20C.

However, for some, there will still be considerable rainfall.

He added: “There will be some more rain to come for Italy on Saturday and it will be turning a bit drier in the Balkans briefly.

“There will be a lot of snow to come here in Spain and Madrid could come to a standstill with snow in the forecast over the next day or two.

“There will be a cold air moving over parts of Europe and we will be getting some wetter weather moving into Norway as well.”

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