Asteroid nearly three times the size of Big Ben set to brush past Earth tomorrow

A massive asteroid nearly three times the size of Big Ben is set to brush past Earth on Wednesday.

The huge rock has been labelled a "close approach" by space experts from NASA following the mega announcement.

The organisation has decided to name it Asteroid 2017 AE3 and has confirmed they have been keeping a close eye on it.

It is expected to bolt past Earth in the early hours of tomorrow morning, travelling at a whopping speed of 47,000 miles per hour, reports The Sun.

Asteroid 2017 AE3 may measure up to around 353 metres wide, which makes it almost three times as big as the Big Ben which stands tall at 96 metres high.

The British landmark was built in 1859 and the great clock started ticking on May 31.

The space rock is anticipated to approach within 1.9 million miles of Earth, which although seems far, isn't in respect of space terms.

It has been reported that NASA regards anything passing inside the amount of 120 million miles of our planet as a Near-Earth Object (NEO).

Scientists track thousands of NEO's to observe whether they're too close and on a collision to Earth.

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Space organisations have reported that any fast-moving space object that comes within 4.65 million miles is seen as "potentially hazardous".

It is thought that the tiniest change to their trajectories could be a catastrophe for Earth.

It has been reported that Asteroid 2017 AE3 should flash past without any disruption on Wednesday.

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