Amazon manager yells abuse at his own delivery driver for walking on his LAWN – then ‘tries to get him fired’

AN Amazon manager was filmed yelling abuse at a delivery driver from his own company – and then allegedly tried to get him FIRED.

Shocking doorbell camera footage shows Brad Boynton berating Nikolas Mayrant for taking two steps across his lawn.

The video shows the homeowner ranting at Nikolas and yelling at him to "walk the f*** away", apparently while also speaking on the phone.

It is claimed he was calling another Amazon colleague at the time to complain about the driver, and also took photos of him.

The man can be heard screaming at Nikolas again for walking on the grass, saying he did not "follow any of the f***ing policies".

Nikolas later said he was suspended from work following Monday's bust-up in Cornelius, North Carolina.

He said Boynton began ranting at him over the way he had parked his van, and then refused to accept the parcel.

“After waiting behind my van for no longer than 20 seconds, the individual slammed the door in my face whilst I was trying to deliver his package to him,” Nikolas said on a since-deleted GoFundMe page.

Nikolas said he was suspended from work after Boynton sent the Ring doorbell video to his Amazon station manager.

He claimed the homeowner falsely complained he had breached a series of Amazon policies, including by how he parked his car and walked on the grass.

But Boynton himself was sacked after the video went viral on social media.

His LinkedIn page – now taken down – said he was employed as a program manager in Amazon's transport division.

The video sparked a wave of support for Nikolas and threats to boycott Amazon over the way he was treated.

Amazon today confirmed Nikolas was still employed as an active driver.

A spokesman added: “We were deeply concerned by what we observed in the video and opened an investigation into the incident.

“After speaking with both parties and working quickly to understand exactly what transpired, we took immediate action.

“We do not condone bullying or harassing behavior of any type and as a result of our investigation, we’ve terminated the individual shown bullying our delivery partner.”

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