Alligator steals child's fishing rod in shocking video

Alligator steals Florida boy’s fishing rod

A 7-year-old and his dad got a surprise in Palm Coast, Florida, when an alligator surfaced and grabbed a fish hooked onto the boy’s fishing rod.

There’s more than one way to catch a fish.

A fishing experience in Florida didn’t go the way a father was expecting for his young son. As the child was reeling in a fish, an alligator appeared out of nowhere, stole the catch and yanked the rod into the water.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt during the incident.

gator fishing rod Florida
(Sean McMahon)

Sean McMahon took his 7-year-old son Dawson fishing in the family’s backyard in Palm Coast when the incident occurred. McMahon was filming as son struggled to reel in a bass fish, which was putting up a good fight.

As Dawson was finally getting the fish out of the water, an alligator suddenly surfaced and grabbed the fish. The gator not only stole the fish but also yanked the entire fishing rod into the water.

Fortunately, Dawson let go and wasn’t harmed, although he did seem appropriately scared by the incident.

McMahon posted the video to his Facebook page with a warning.

“Alligator alert,” he wrote. “Dawson caught a bass tonight and out of nowhere an alligator came up, Ate the bass and ripped his pole into the water.”

This video is just the latest incident to remind people how important it is to be aware of their surroundings near bodies of water in alligator country.

Fox News reported in August on a TikTok video uploaded by a user named CapeCoral.Jade in the Florida Everglades, a swampy area where alligators are known to live. The video began with a man standing near the edge of the water, using a lure to try and catch a fish. 

As the camera continues to film, someone mentions that the fish (a gar) seems to have disappeared. As the angler continues to use the lure, the person filming suddenly notices a shape in the water.

Much to the surprise of the group, a large gator was sitting just several feet away from them, partially camouflaged by the muddy water of the swamp.

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