Adorable puppy is born green in rare phenomenon – and is named Grinch

A tiny puppy has been born green – garnering its very suitable name of Grinch.

The unusual-coloured dog was born in the former Soviet state of Georgia on New Year’s Eve.

Footage captured by local news outlet rustavi2 shows owner Beso Mesarkishvili lifting up Grinch for the camera.

He is then returned to his litter, where he can be seen sucking on his mother’s milk.

Beso has since explained the mother, a Georgian shepherd, has been having puppies for five years and he had no intention of selling the latest addition to the family.

“This time she gave birth to seven – and one is green,” he said.

“I was told there has never been. Such a case in my country, only abroad.”

The owner, from the village of Ivlita, said: "I don’t want to sell.

“I will raise it and have an unusual dog. I hope it will not change colour.”

The appearance of Grinch is believed to have been caused by the pooch coming into contact with green pigment called biliverdin while in the womb.

Sadly for his owner, the dog’s striking hair color is likely to fade and disappear after a few weeks.

While extremely rare for puppy’s to be born green, there have been similar instances before.

Last year, a tiny pooch was named Hulk after being born “lime green” in North Carolina, US.

But sometimes, dogs turn green for rather funnier reasons. In October, a picture went viral of a bright-coloured pooch moments after it had gone for a roll in freshly-cut grass.

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