A New Helper in the Kitchen

Grime is a new hand soap that was born as a pandemic activity.

By Florence Fabricant

Forget sourdough or knitting. What the Californians Vanessa Erskine, a jewelry designer and avid gardener, and Langdon Taguiped, her partner and a cyclist, did during the pandemic was make soap. And now they’re selling it. Their goal was a soap that could tackle the grime on Ms. Erskine’s hands and the grease from assembling and maintaining bicycles on Mr. Taguiped’s, without many of the ingredients like dyes and sulfates commonly found in commercial cleaning agents. Their compact and effective gray blocks, each 1.9 ounces, are made mainly from coconut oil, sand, activated charcoal and fir needle oil. Sodium hydroxide, or lye, is there, too, a necessary grease-cutting ingredient that’s been used in soap since ancient times.

Grime Degreasing Hand Soap, $4.99, $13.47 for three, $25.45 for six blocks, grimehandsoap.com.

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