XRP poised for a massive bullish swing as altcoin’s double-bottom inches closer

XRP, the second largest altcoin in the market, has at the hands of its parent company Ripple, been vying to create a niche for itself. With the banking sector’s affair with the cryptocurrency going strong, the altcoin’s price, which began 2019 off in sluggish fashion, finally joined the party and despite weak performances off-late, the price is likely to soar.

However, according to a crypto-analyst, XRP may be in for a “2x” move shortly. Identifying what will be the second of a double bottom, the price looks to rebound from this touted “bottom” into a significant upswing.

In the analyst’s words,

“Double bottom, followed by an easy 2x. Soon / $XRP”

It should be noted however, that the analysis here was conducted with Bitcoin as the base currency and the pair being XRP/BTC, rather than a fiat or stablecoin pair. With Bitcoin driving market growth since the beginning of April, and barring one isolated XRP swing, market tendencies have been firmly in favor of the king coin.

Source: Twitter

Stating that the second of the “double bottom” for XRP was in the range of 0.0004BTC, this zone was highlighted as the “buy zone.” The altcoin began rising out of this bottom during the previous month, as the collective market breached the $270 billion mark, prior to the recent pullback. This double bottom manifested itself last time in September 2018, post which XRP’s price skyrocketed, before being halted in November 2018, owing to the Bitcoin Cash hardfork bears.

If one were to go by the “2x” increase, the price of the altcoin, expressed in terms of Bitcoin, would rise by 0.000058BTC or by 133.26 percent. Hence, the price would be over the margin of 0.0001. The last time XRP reached this price range was during the close of the previous year, when it performed better than much of the overarching market, even overtaking Ethereum [ETH] for a period of time.

However, only a few trades made it over 0.001 BTC, whereas the rest were below the mark.

With XRP joining the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum and breaking into its Golden Cross, good times are on the horizon for the cryptocurrency. The crossing of the 50-day MA over the 200-day MA came at the right time for the cryptocurrency as prior to the formation of the golden cross, XRP, together with its Bank Coin counterpart, Stellar Lumens [XLM], had dropped by over 12 percent in price against the USD since the beginning of 2019.

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