XRP gets push for mainstream and retail adoption as Atomic Wallet allows $20,000 daily purchase of the coin

Atomic Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet utilizing atomic swap technology for payments across blockchains, recently announced that they would be adding support to their wallet for users to buy XRP directly. This provides a push for the adoption of the coin, while moving away from buying and selling on centralized exchange platforms, thus lowering the barrier of entry.

The company behind the wallet claims that the XRP can be bought in about 25 minutes, and has imposed a daily buy limit of $20,000, allowing users to accumulate the coin directly from the wallet. Moreover, the wallet also provides non-custodial cold storage for the coins stored on it, offering maximum security for XRP HODLers.

The coins can be bought using credit or debit cards, offering ease of use for the customers of the wallet. The transactions are processed using Simplex, a card processing company certified by the EU. It also requires users to provide their mobile number, email ID and ID verification for compliance with KYC norms.

They made an announcement of this on their Twitter page, stating:

“Breaking! Update your @AtomicWallet and buy $XRP with $USD in a few minutes!”

This was further met with positive appreciation by the XRP Community. Influencer PandaRippleXRP stated:

“You can now buy #XRP through @atomicwallet with the maximum daily amount of $20,000!!! To note that transaction processing will be performed via Simplex!”

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